Two New Domain Name Escrow Companies Launch

For a number of years, has been the biggest and best (in my opinion) escrow service for domain names. The company has a stellar reputation and is recommended by Ebay and for escrow services. Last year, announced that it surpassed $1.5 billion in transactions, and much of the total comes from domain name sales facilitated on its platform.

This week, two new domain name escrow companies opened for business in advance of the NamesCon conference. Both companies were launched by individuals who are well known in the domain space – Ammar Kubba and Andee Hill.

Agreed Escrow, Inc. is a subsidiary of Thought Convergence, the company that operates TrafficZ and, and is a sister company of DomainTools. Domain industry veteran Ammar Kubba is the CEO of Agreed, and according to its website, “Agreed was granted its license from the California Department of Business Oversight in October 2012.”

Escrow Hill Limited was launched by former Andee Hill, the former Director of Business Development at Two other former employees, Ryan Bogue and Donald Hendrickson, were brought on board at the company. According to the press release, “Escrow Hill Limited is an internationally licensed escrow provider. Our license involves government oversight, independent audits and employee background checks very similar to the state of California. The license applies to all currency accounts, not just USD.”

Both of these new escrow services offer a variety of escrow options for domain investors, including leases and payment plans. The companies also offer different currency options.

One of the challenges both companies face is the recognition and trust outside of the domain investment space. Ammar and Andee have built goodwill within the domain space, but they are going to have to build trust outside of the space. I have always liked that I can share this page about on my corporate website to show people who haven’t used an escrow service that the company is reputable, and these new companies will need to build up their reputations and recognition.

I consider Ammar and Andee to be friends, and I wish them all the best with their new ventures.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot, thank you for the thoughts. I agree with you that our success may be based on building trust and I think that Ammar and I are both up to the task. 🙂 This industry is changing. It is an exciting time for us all.

  2. As far as I know, Andee still has not publically answered the important question of why she/they opened their company in NZ instead of the U.S.

    Andee — you/your partners aren’t involved in a lawsuit with your old boss/company, are you? Have you been threatened with one … perhaps if you should come back to the U.S.? Potential clients are entitled to know.

    I can’t imagine domain buyers/sellers — especially those who are U.S. based — risking such important and valuable assets — and their hard-earned cash — with a company in another country.

    Just as I assume is the case with employee disputes between CA/U.S. and NZ; good luck if you ever have a problem with a company you’ve entrusted your assets to … who’s located in another country.

    And no; I’m not posting on behalf of — or at the request of — Andee’s past employer I’m just a long time, very happy client of theirs … who doesn’t want to see fellow domain owners risk so much … for little-to-no benefit.

  3. Steve,

    I am still very much in the US and when you see our fee table you will understand one good reason to have an International license. Over half of all domain escrow contracts have at least one party outside of the US. New Zealand has a great reputation with a stable banking and financial center and legal system. NZ also has sensible, workable escrow and money transfer laws which are oriented towards strong consumer protection.

    Employment agreements have two way obligations and while there may well be some disagreements both ways, neither me or my associates have received or instigated any lawsuit with

    Anyone who knows me will know that l would not risk my reputation on a flawed escrow arrangement.

    l have a good reputation and can offer superior product which can be provided at significantly less cost for domain transactions.

    Feel free to email me directly at andee@ for more information.

  4. Andee — while you still haven’t specifically answered the important question of why you’ve located the company outside the U.S., your additional information is appreciated.

    If you are, as you state: “still very much in the US,” why isn’t your company?

    And while I don’t doubt your statement that: “Over half of all domain escrow contracts have at least one party outside of the US.” is correct; it’s far more important to note that — regardless of where the domain buyers and sellers are located, the very large majority of escrows are nevertheless conducted in the U.S.

    As you no doubt know from your years at, even most of the non-U.S. buyers and sellers have a higher degree of trust with a U.S.-based escrow company. No matter what country they live in.

    As they should.

    And, respectfully, while an excellent reputation is great to have, it pales in importance to domain buyers and sellers when it comes to state, country, and international laws, rules, and regulations.

    As it should.

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