TRAFFIC Tickets on Sale Next Week


According to a tweet from Rick Schwartz, tickets for October’s TRAFFIC conference in Ft. Lauderdale will go on sale beginning next week. Instead of pricing them in tiers by order date, TRAFFIC organizers are pricing them by number of tickets sold.

Rick’s Twitter post stated, “T.R.A.F.F.I.C.Registration opens next week. 35 Tickets @ $995, 65 Tickets @ $1295, 100 Tickets @ $1495, 200 Tickets at $1795.”

The conference will be held at the Ritz Carlton from October 7 – 10, 2012. The Ritz Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale is a great venue located fairly close to the airport, and it is surrounded by a range of other hotels if you prefer to find a less expensive alternative.

As I did last year, I plan to purchase my ticket early, although it would be frustrating to buy them on the day they become available and learn that the first 35 tickets have already sold.

I am not sure if there will be a TRAFFIC Las Vegas this year, as Rick  contemplated  on his blog late last year. I would guess that there won’t be a show in Vegas this year, but I am sure we will know for certain in the near term.


    • I just lost a bundle on blackjack on Saturday… I won’t be in Vegas any time soon 🙂

      Not that you asked, but I will share.

      I had a $50 hand and got a pair of 3s against the dealer’s 6. I split them. Continued playing the hand and ended up splitting 3s four times. Don’t remember it happening to me before. At this point, I was playing with house money, so it was all good.

      Dealer flipped a king. I’m feeling good with the dealer at 16.

      Next card, of course, a 5. Lose all of my hands. Dead in the water.

      It didn’t get any better from there.

  1. Ouch! You’re NEVER supposed to split against a bust dealer hand, unless it’s Aces or Eights! If you hadn’t – he would’ve drawn the 2 3’s, then the K. And busted! Assuming that you were in the hole seat….c’est la vie!

  2. The “Raise Your Hands Survey” taken at Florida TRAFFIC in Oct…seemed to result in many “Yes” votes when asking who wanted a TRAFFIC Las Vegas show in May ….. my vote is still a solid YES !

    It could get a good turn out but would need to be slated and marketed real soon.

    “The Only sure way to make mone in a casino is to own one !” (Steve Wynn)

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