Town of Pohatcong Buys


I read an interesting story on involving a geodomain name, and I want to share it with you. According to the article, the town of Pohatcong, New Jersey (population 3,416 in 2010) purchased the for $10,000. The seller was reportedly a member of the town’s police force.

Before buying the .com domain name, the town has been using, which is clearly more difficult to remember. Imagine passing town signs on the street and elsewhere and having to recall that domain name. Obviously, the town name .com was a major upgrade for them.

It looks like the town made  a wise move with this acquisition. If you do a Google search for “Pohatcong,” you’ll see that ranks #1 and the town’s domain name currently ranks #2, just below the .com domain name.

The town takes possession of the domain name and website on August 1, and it would be smart for them to use two separate websites on these domain names, eliminating the issue of duplicate content and allowing them to control the top two results. Should they merge the two websites into one, they will most likely lose one of its results spots.

Congratulations to the town on making a good domain name move.


  1. $10k seems steep to me – sold in late 2008 for $3.5k.

    pohatcong: 243k google pages
    phillipsburg: 6,180,000 google pages

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