Top 5 nTLD Pre Reservations at 1&1


Domain registrar 1&1 has been advertising the new gTLD domain names somewhat extensively in the US during NFL games. The company may be advertising at other times as well, but I have primarily seen these commercials while watching football.

I find these commercials most interesting because 1 & 1 is advertising a product that is not yet available and the company doesn’t know exactly when the new gTLDs will become available. They are also advertising pre-reservations, which are non-binding.

That said, the company is reporting the number of pre reservations it has received, and that number has eclipsed 1.6 million. The top 5 pre reserved gTLDs are:

  • .Web
  • .Online
  • .Shop
  • .App
  • .Blog

One other thing that should be noted is that 1&1 is not referring to these TLDs as “gTLD” but rather “nTLD,” for “new Top Level Domains.” Not that it really matters so much, but I recall seeing people buying and selling gTLD related domain names (I sold one or two at auction), and perhaps the general public won’t even know what a gTLD is. My prediction is they will simply refer to them as “domain names” or “new domain names” rather than the technical term.

In case you missed it, here are what some experts say will happen with the new TLDs.


  1. Here in Italy they are promoting on commercial TV and the commercial says that they have 750 domains, there is also a list of names on the web site:

    they have also a counter on the website with the state of the reservation, they are claming that they have 48767 .web reservation than 42817 .online 39337 .shop 25514 .app 23937 .blog and the counter is moving very fast.

  2. I have seen the 1&1 ads as well on TV. I believe I was watching an SEC football game but perhaps it was the Discovery channel or another station. Regardless, it is interesting to see the new GTLDs being marketed to the general public.

  3. I think these new domains should be categorized as gTLD2 because the word ‘new’ is not appropriate as time passes ‘new’ will not remain ‘new’ anymore.
    after a year of its launch I will be hesitant to call these as new gTLDs.
    Also, if access from mobile devices is on increasing trend I guess it’ll be hard to type long dot extensions like .online, .insurance, etc.

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