“There’s a COLLAPSE coming”

Rick Schwartz has been tweeting regularly for a few months, often taking aim at the new gTLD program. This morning, he posted what some might say is a provocative tweet declaring “There’s a COLLAPSE coming the likes of which wet eared domainers have never seen b4“. Here’s the tweet Rick posted:

Based on the #gtld hashtag, I presume Rick is predicting there will be a collapse in the number of new gTLD domain names registered. According to nTLDStats.com, there are just under 27 million new gTLD domain names registered, down from a peak of just below 29.5 million.

The “Domain King” has not been shy about sharing his opinions, and he has been especially vocal with his opinions regarding the new gTLD domain names on Twitter.

I don’t know about a “collapse” but I do think we will continue to see the number of registered new gTLD domain names in a decline, and I am not really sure what could stop it. If I were to guess, the decline could be stopped by a major brand announcing a startup using a new gTLD domain names for one of its major initiatives (like Google did with Alphabet), but even that might only provide a temporary reversal.

It is interesting to be an observer right now, and I am glad I do not have much skin in this beyond the 5 or so new domain names my company owns.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Uh, Rick, the “wet eared domainers” happen to be the ones dropping those domains. No revelation here. How about some positive guidance. These rants don’t do much for anyone. I don’t think the sky is falling.

    • The positive guidance is inferred. As trust falls with new gTLDs (and riskier ccTLDs to some extent), all focus will eventually land squarely back on .com. Right now is the cheapest you will ever get premiums and 2-4 letters.

  2. I think lots of early domainers who bought gtlds are feeling renewal fatigue. The premium domains are not producing sales, based on carrying costs, equal a bad investment.

    There is just to much choice, only registries can profit, for the most part domainers are holding up these extensions.

    There has been many sub $5 releases in the past few months, and many sub $1, along with 1 cent.

    The public is just not there, or not willing to buy in,
    Not everyone needs a domain name!

  3. Yeah, I’m only going to keep one good quality new domain.

    What would stop the decline? Individuals and small businesses actually using and building genuine businesses on new gTLDs. We know that isn’t happening and it will take a LOT of marketing to get consumers to change their mind.

  4. He made a comment about someone selling their portfolio of .com domains yesterday, so I wouldn’t be so sure he’s just talking about new TLDs. You could ask him, of course.

  5. I agree with @Ryan’s points.

    When the new g’s started rolling out years ago we should have been buying bitcoin and cheap LLLL.com’s, would have been way farther ahead.

  6. Investment is shifting from domains to crypto currency. Especially in foreign markets. Insane amounts of $$$ were made this year, especially last month, and that trend continues. I’ve outlined a plan to reduce my domain portfolio as I’ve made 8x – 100x on a few coins using poloniex. No for sale sign, no yearly fee to maintain my investment and many more perks

    • Don’t get me wrong, I believe in Crypto currency as a long term play for disrupting the financial system and modernizing the way we transact and store money. HOWEVER, if you think that the current market for crypto currency is stable and that ANY of these crypto coins are of more inherent value than a good .com domain name, then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you!!!

      Too many folks in the domain industry have lost sight of what domain names actually are! They are assets that have an inherent value for a corporation, person or entity of any nature to stake their flag on the internet for the whole World to see. It is the foundation of internet commerce.

      Crypto currency is just that, another form of fiat currency. We are still a long ways from knowing who will emerge as the clear winner. My best guess is that the real crytpo winner hasn’t even been born yet.

      What I do know is that DNS is the safest and most widely distributed network on Earth. It has inherent values, protocols & security features that no crypto currency existing today can even hold a candle to.

      So while crypto is the fad of the hour right now and I agree that most money is desparately trying to get in on the rising tide, the best investment you can make today in my opinion is in the widely undervalued super premium .com domain names I see on the market on a daily basis.

    • BTC is not fiat as its total available amount is limited by design. Just like gold if you will.

      “A pre-defined schedule limits the total number of bitcoins so that they gradually approach a total of 21 million (ignoring those that have been lost through deleted or misplaced wallet files). The limit of 21 million bitcoins is “hard-wired” in to the protocol, and there will never be more bitcoins than this:


      ETH and others are fiat, I agree. They can be devalued to zero theoretically.

    • You don’t know what “fiat” means. Fiat means backed by nothing of physical substance. Just because a currency isnt issued in unlimited fashion doesn’t mean it’s not fiat.

      Fiat currencies always lose because there are no limits to govt printing physical paper backed by nothing. Bitcoin, etc currently affronts this injustice. But just because it is limited in supply doesn’t mean it’s not fiat.

      Govts will have a response. Most likely it will involve blockchain and their gold reserves. Good luck fighting the Fed in the long run.

    • Actually you’re dead wrong.
      Fiat just means money that is declared by a government to be legal tender. It may or may have not anything of value backing it. It is state issued, and is not convertible by law.
      BTC has no government behind it. It is decentralised and it wasn’t declared legal tender by anyone. However people CHOSE to use it as a form of payment and other people CHOSE to accept it as a form of payment.

      Govt will have a response. Of course they will. But until then you could have been a very rich man.

    • Approximately 5,000 years of being viewed as money, a store of wealth, and sometimes both.

      To attempt to compare these so-called “crypto-currencies” to Gold as if they are somehow in the same sphere of value shows a severe lack of perspective and education.

    • The eventual and inevitable collapse of all crypto-currencies is going to be swift and spectacular…I have my tub of buttered popcorn ready.

    • “Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it. The U.S. dollar is fiat money, as are the euro and many other major world currencies. This approach differs from money whose value is underpinned by some physical good such as gold or silver, called commodity money.”

      Convenient how you left out the second sentence of the definition. Appears like mis-information from you with intent to decieve.

    • Enjoy your buttered popcorn while others are making a shitload of money…


      Since 2013 gold is down 20%, while we are living in a zero percent interest rate world and central banks are printing tens of billions each month. If gold can’t even hold its value in this extreme QE environment it has serious issues. If you can’t see this I really have to question your ability to judge.

    • Thank you for admitting that you were wrong on the FIAT definition. I appreciate it.
      As you can read yourself I explicitly stated that after the textbook definition “it may or may have not anything of value backing it.” FIAT (“let it become” in latin) merely means that it is declared legal tender by a government and is per definition state-issued. I hope everything is clear now.

    • Fiat currency vs commodity money

      “Only gold and silver shall be legal tender” – US constitution

      “Gold is money, and nothing else” – JP Morgan (1912)

      “Gold is the ultimate currency, not even the US dollar can rival” – Alan Greenspan (Sept 2014)

      I’ll stick with the founding Founder Fathers, JPM, and Greenspan. You stick with Satoshi. I’ve been through 1999-2000 before; I don’t think you have.

    • The same Greenspan that raised rates 14 times before the financial crisis in 08? Brilliant choice indeed.

      “In truth, the gold standard is already a barbarous relic.” John Keynes

      “A gold standard doesn’t imply stability in the prices of the goods and services that people buy every day, it implies a stability in the price of gold itself.” Ben Bernanke

      “Gold isn’t money.” Ben Bernanke

      Again you must mistake me for some Millennial or something.. I’ve been through 1999 as well as 1987 and both events had nothing to do with this discussion.

    • You make a good point Andrew. In relation to which crypto currency could be a winner would depend on how the public sees the trust/reach/power of that currency. As an example, the dollar is no longer backed by gold but the world sees the dollar’s value because of the trust/reach/power of the United States. The same could be said for the increasing value and usage of .com verses the other extensions.

      If a country like the US where to back a certain crypto currency, that would be a huge indicator of its long-term strength and potential usage. But that’s not going to happen IMO. The US has the most powerful paper currency in the world which it can control and keep track of its usage.

    • It has everything to do with Elliot’s post, and Rick’s tweet.

      Keynes called gold a barbarous relic in the 1900s when it was trading at $20-$35/oz. Now it’s $1,300/oz. Some barbarous relic it turned out to be.

      Bernanke stated “no housing bubble” in 2005 when the writing on the wall was obvious.

      That’s your squad, Keynes and Bernanke. Pretty weak. Keynesian economics is blowing up as we type and Bernanke will not even be mentioned in history books 100 years from now.

      Mine is Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, JPM, and Greenspan. That’s from the 1700s to 2014.

      Premium .coms that are appealing to medium to large sized businesses should continue to do well. Not sure about everything else.

    • What has Rick’s tweet to do with 1987, come on give me a break here.. You’re losing it.

      “Keynes called gold a barbarous relic in the 1900s when it was trading at $20-$35/oz. Now it’s $1,300/oz. Some barbarous relic it turned out to be.”

      So gold is up 4,000% since 1930. The Dow Jones is up roughly 10,000% since 1930. That is not inflation adjusted for both asset classes. Do the math. Stock outperformed gold by far.

      Now Bitcoin is up over 100,000% in 5 years. That is some barbaric stuff right there.

      Your hero Greenspan was directly responsible for the housing crisis of 07/08. He raised the federal funds so fast in such a short amount of time that it killed the economy. When the “writing on the wall” was so obvious in 2005 already, I assume you are a rich man as you clearly seized the opportunity and shorted mortgage bonds, right? But in reality you’re just full of shit and knew nothing, like everyone else.

      “That’s your squad, Keynes and Bernanke. Pretty weak. Keynesian economics is blowing up as we type and Bernanke will not even be mentioned in history books 100 years from now.”

      Complete bullshit. All serious commentators agree that Greenspan caused that mess, and Bernanke actually saved the economy by implementing QE, by the way the biggest homage to Keynes ever. Greenspan was so detached from reality that he didn’t see it coming and was still in office in January 2006 when default rates started to climb.

      Sorry man but your narrative is just plain wrong. And deep inside you know that too.

    • Just because it’s limited, doesn’t mean it’s not another fake currency which is not backed by anything, but hope. To think otherwise is delusional!

    • “Keynes called gold a barbarous relic in the 1900s when it was trading at $20-$35/oz. Now it’s $1,300/oz. Some barbarous relic it turned out to be.”

      Should I be impressed by a 4,000% rise over 80 years, not adjusted for inflation?
      The Dow Jones Industrial is up roughly 10,000% during the same period (also unadjusted)
      Do the math…

      By the way Bitcoin is up 100.000% in the last 5 years.. That is some REAL barbarous stuff right there.

      Again I have to ask what Rick’s tweet has to do with the 1987 crash but never mind…

      “Bernanke stated “no housing bubble” in 2005 when the writing on the wall was obvious.”

      First of all Bernanke became chairman of the FED in 2006. If the “writing on the wall” was so obvious back in ’05, I am sure a smart guy like you seized the opportunity and shorted the hell out of mortgage bonds. But I guess in reality you knew shit like everyone else and did nothing. Greenspan raised the rates so quick in such a short amount of time that he killed the economy. All decent financial commentators in fact wrote very critical about your hero. Bernanke however saved the economy by aggressive interest rate cuts, forward guidance and a little thing called QE, which by the way is the biggest homage to Keynes ever. So what Bernanke did in ’08 up to 2011 will be for one the history books and economics handbooks for generations to come. Greenspan however will forever be remembered for his stupid and irresponsible actions that led the US directly into the biggest recession since 1929. Congratulations.

      You’re complete narrative is just plain wrong, and I guess deep inside yourself you know that.

    • If you don’t know what Bernanke said BEFORE he became Fed Chairman than you are ignorant.

      I shorted real estate and the stock market in 2008-09 via credit default swaps.

      CMGI, Inktomi, verticalnet, RNWK, CMTN, etc had similar price appreciations as the cryptos in late 90s. None of them were around 5 years later.

      Gold is up from $35/oz in 1971 to $1,300/oz today. I like the 5,000 year history, and the 45 year history as a store of value.

      “May the odds be ever in your favor”

    • Bullshit, you shorted shit. The credit default market collapsed in March ’08 in the same weeks Bear was forced into a merger with JP Morgan. After that the credit market was so frozen, not even the primary dealers could unload their stuff, yet you are trying to tell me you managed to short the stock market via CDS up until 2009 when the market already bottomed and the FED stepped in with TARP? You’re so full shit, it really hurts. You say you could see the writing on the wall in ’05, when you actually were still able to buy CDS on AAA bonds for 50bp, but then you just waited until ’08 for some reasons to buy protection at 200bp with a 100% spread? Sure man whatever you say…

      “CMGI, Inktomi, verticalnet, RNWK, CMTN, etc had similar price appreciations as the cryptos in late 90s. None of them were around 5 years later.”

      Ya and I’m pretty sure you owned all of them until they were delisted.

    • SRS, QID, SDS which in 2008 were almost all comprised of Credit Default Swaps. Check out the charts bro. I actually shorted both sides of the 2X ultra funds due to their mathematical decay. They were both credit default swap based. Now the market makers charge 6% to borrow those shares to short. Options premiums are now out of the world as well.

      Bought all of those internet stocks in college and made 5-6Xs, could’ve made another 2-3Xs but sold in September ’99. 9 months before the collapse. Better I got out too early than too late.

      Registered my first .coms as investments in Feb ’99.

      Im also a CPA, sold a network of eCommerce sites (that I coded myself) for 7 figures in 2006 (that I built on my 1999 domain purchases), and headed the marketing department of an Internet Retailer Top 40 company for 9 years. Last funding round was $3B by the NFL and MLB. And yes, I still own stock options.

      You can view some of my domain portfolio at 904.com. If you still want to talk shit and call me a liar you will look especially foolish.

      Wasted enough time on these blogs trying to educate the newbies. Clearly this is not worth my time anymore. I got real assets and investments across a wide range of industries to watch over.

      Good luck to all of you

    • Gold has been the number one symbol of wealth in pretty much every civilization for the entire history of the world……and you need it to make iphones.

    • ‘fiat’ means ‘faith’. fiat currencies are good faith currencies. We rely on the US government to support the currency. Some day it may not but it’s worked for a good long time. However, the Swiss franc has worked a lot better lol

  7. This is what in law is known as a demurrer, i.e., even if everything asserted is true, it doesn’t matter.

    For those tracking the number of gTLD registrations it’s obvious to see that the numbers have been falling ( https://ntldstats.com/ ). But SO WHAT that there are currently ~ 27mm registrations, which will likely fall to between 15mm and 20mm?

    It doesn’t matter to domainers (…only to registrars and registries), since the crap that is being thrown back in the pool was likely registered at $0.99 and was never going to have value anyway.

    Even if the total number fell by 80% from current levels to 7mm, that would have no bearing on whether (i) end-users will find value in the remaining 7mm names and use them in commerce, or (ii) domain investors who hold quality gTLDs will strike profitable deals with those end-users.

    • Exactly! And that’s not even factoring potential mainstream media boosts along the way. Generating pockets of awareness’ and spikes in registrations again.

  8. It begins… Domains and Cryptocurrencies are now negatively correlated. Just today the market cap of cryptocurrencies hit $100 billion and that is just the beginning. Bitcoins and Co. don’t have premium renewals or renewals at all. Zero carry costs. Domainers see that. They see another digital asset outperforming their domain assets BY FAR. The more Cryptos will rise, the more nTLD domains will be deleted. .Com is still a safe haven, FOR NOW. But all the others will get crushed. I know domainers who quietly sell their most liquid .coms and buy BTC and ETH. For now they’re right. We’re witnessing a paradigm shift. Been saying that for month now.

    Rick sees this development too and that’s why he tweeted about a coming COLLAPSE. It already started in nTLD’s. 3 million registrations are already gone, and I predict we will be under 15 million at the end of the year. It will hit .com and .net too. First the total registrations will drop, then it will hit the secondary market. In fact it already has. Liquidity at NJ and GD dried up substantially. Will be an interesting summer.

    • Speaking about COLLAPSE
      .VIP lost more than 3% of its registrations yesterday. Almost 25k total. That is just one day!
      90% of the registrations are from China. They’re getting it. They move into Cryptos.

    • @ Richard

      Dot-VIP is one of the few winners that isn’t going to be hurt at all. It IS a niche domain, and as such probably should never have more than 300K – 500K registrations.

      But many of the remaining dot-VIP names will be killer brands, ESPECIALLY in China (whether the Chinese domain investors move on to different asset classes or not).

      I get inquires every week on PrivateJet.VIP, but have no interesting in flipping the name. Only interested in doing a strategic deal.

      So end-users definitely ‘get it,’ so long as the words at the left of the dot naturally blend with the gTLD.

    • What is great with cryptocurrencies (BTW check out bitkoin.com for news) is the huge liquidity.
      New GTLDs killed the reseller market! At a point that some are saying domain investing has become boring, just a hold and (very long) wait game that is no longer very exciting.

    • .vip is worthless. the drop shows the market doing what it is supposed to do.

      you can dream about .vip being ultra premium in China but that will not make it happen. you got sold toilet paper.

  9. Rick´s experience in domain investing (talking about legacy TLDs: .COM, .NET, .ORG etc …) cannot be translated to New gTLDs. This is a very different field, with different rules, players etc … a totally different game. Anyone who started investing in New gTLDs from the begining has absolutely the same experience as Rick does in this new domaining business, so what he is sharing out there is only his very own opinion. People should STOP listening to his messages concerning the New TLDs.

  10. Richard, you don’t seem to understand that domains are used in marketing and as a means to transact business through a web address that is easy to remember, lowering marketing costs and increasing customer retention.

    Bitcoin are not used by business for marketing, nor do they increase customer retention. Nor do they provide a business with any competitive advantage whatsoever.

    When you begin to understand this you will realize that electronic coin are fiat versions of central bank notes. I like what these electronic fiat coins are doing. Pressuring central governments to back their currencies with something tangible to regain their competitive advantage as a currency. Bitcoin etc could continue to rise, or fall dramatically. Mainly depends upon central banks. There is a very famous saying “Don’t fight the Fed”. There is a reason for this saying.

    But please understand that electronic coins have nothing to do with premium .coms used by medium to large businesses. This type of thinking will get you in trouble imo.

    • Yes, you described the textbook usage of domains for an end user e.g. a company that sells products and services. Thank you for that.

      But as 50-60% of all domains are unused or parked it appears that people are registering and buying domains for other reasons too e.g. speculation. In that moment they turn from a marketing tool into a speculative asset. That is what I’m referring to. I’m comparing asset classes.

      The saying “Don’t fight the FED” is so 2011 by the way, come on…

    • Crypto-currencies have zero utility-value, while domains (good domains) absolutely DO…big difference, and I’m really not understanding why people are comparing the two here.

    • Since you’re so smart I’m interested in your domain portfolio.

      Can you share with us your best domains? Maybe you can teach me something.

  11. nTLDs/New gTLDs aren’t going anywhere folks. Some may go under and others will be acquired by larger registries, but they will live on. Change is inevitable (History proves it over and over). The industry is shifting towards non-coms as being the creative way to communicate in the future, without being restricted to com.

    Those that adapt to change will thrive, those that fight it, will stagnate and be left behind (Just like history has taught us about change).

    Who still uses a 1990’s PC? That changed.
    Who still uses a Fax machine? That changed.
    Who still gets up to manually change the TV on the dial? That changed.
    Who still uses a 1gb hard drive on their desktop? That changed.

    The list goes on and on. It’s never ending. Change is inevitable. Asapt, improvise, and overcome! 😉

    • @ Eric Lyon

      Fully agree. Even though dot-Com will be king for a long time to come, things are always changing, so why waste brain cells fighting it.

    • Sure it has, however, its not a rotary anymore, heck, it has way more features now. The learning curve from a rotary to a smartphone is intense in comparison. So much like the development of the phone, domains are also developing with a similar learning curve between the extension’s.

      I know a few people that still have flip phones and refuse to get a smartphone. Again, like with domains, those that refuse to follow the curve ahead will more than likely roll off the road and get stuck in the mud while other drivers pass by following the curve to reach the new destination.

    • I have to disagree with you Eric in your comparisons. I am not taking sides on legacy vs new TLDs but the phenomenon of .com is similar to the English language which has propagated over centuries and is now the global language of commerce. I don’t think everyone is going to learn and start speaking Mandarin anytime soon. The English language (.com) has greater reach and allows for greater channels of communication and opportunity. You can have a debate on why English is being used more or less but you can not argue it’s continued use and complexity.

    • I can definitely appreciate your point of view and angle, however, I don’t think we can rule out the fact that languages other than English are just as important in the world. Where English may dominate in many regions as a second language, it’s not always the first. Like with .com, there may be some die-hard passionate.com investors that see no other alternative and it benefits them (Due to their portfolios being predominantly .com) to help fortify the extension in an effort to push it further into the future as a #1 choice.

      The reality of it (Using your English language example), is that.com is becoming a second language. Just like English is in many countries, .com will remain respected in all these countries, however, there will be a #1 choice above it. Let’s not rule out that some people prefer a ccTLD over .com or nTLD already (E.g. .co.uk) and it’s evident in reviewing a region’s business development strategies.

      We can chalk it up as “Evolution” if you like. At the end of the day, history shows us that everything eventually changes. no matter what comparisons we use, history still supports a change in some way.

      For those unsure, diversify! That way you can still hold onto your .com assets while making sure you don’t miss some of the nGTLD buses leaving the station headed towards new destinations.

      Life and investing is an adventure and we don’t always know where a bus will end up in our journey later down the road. Assess the risks and decide if you want a bus ticket or not. If so, then buckle up and learn from your experience while enjoying the ride.

  12. Only .com works!!! Rick gets it.

    For those who say nGTLDs are new technology. They are wrong. It is the same old technology. Not a major innovation as some might want you to believe.

    Not everything new will replace the old. Most people will lose in nGTLDs because they didn’t do their homework or are simply gullible.

  13. Eric Lyon said it right.

    nonsense to speak crypto here.

    ps : it seems more and more new G operators will be on domainers black list , registries continue to kill their marketing job and not supporting domainers.

    • Eric Lyon owns less than 10 domains and have never sold a domain for more than xxx$. He is not a Domainer, he is a mediocre (being generous) developer and you should not be taking his opinion on anything domaining related.

    • Says the anonymous person with inaccurate information. Most people in the industry already know who I am and even met me in person.

      I do appreciate your “anonymous” opinion though. We should meet up sometime in person and compare notes.

      Have a wonderful day.

  14. Agreed, but there is another ‘less visible’ collapse happening on the .com (and all legacy extensions)…
    Sooner or later people will come to the realization that perhaps up to 90% (if not more) of current “.com” *registrations are un-saleable domains (Trash)
    The Cream will rise to the top.

    (*including mine)

  15. At DomainFest 2010, I told other’s I am investing in Bitcoin and moving away from Domains. I owned nothing but .com, .net, .org names since 2003, but I wanted to go where I can make 100 Million+ so I took a huge risk on Bitcoin. Well I have not made 100 Million, made about 10 Million so far, which is nothing, many people are making 50 Million+ per year, but holding enough Bitcoin to make another 10 Million or so. While I still own decent .com’s seeing $50 offers versus that I can sell Millions of dollar of Liquid of Bitcoin a month, now you see why so many people are left domaining.

    I am not hear to brag, but in 1995 I was told about domains, and passed until 2003, so with Bitcoin I was not going to pass up this opportunity. I wanted none of my domain friends in it, and told them not to invest, I was willing to “sink and swim” on my own.

    I don’t care if anybody get’s into Cyrpto, just sharing my story.

    • Congrats man! 2010 wow, you were definitely very early to the party. Did you think about selling them when BTC crossed $50, $100, $1000 or do you have a long term plan in mind and stick to it?

    • That is an amazing story. Not sure who you think is jealous.

      I wish current Bitcoin owners the same success. Just don’t think long term it’s there, which is simply an opinion. Same with domains in a sense. Not sure going to see large appreciation on premium .coms at this point in cycle but long term think great place to be.

      You had many, many tech guys make tens of millions on internet stocks in 1999, 2000 that became defunct in 2001-02. And many that didn’t sell their stock options and lost tens of millions.

      It’s all about risk tolerance I reckon. You deserve every penny from your vision and played it correctly.

      The best thing about Bitcoin is that it can’t be shorted or manipulated by govt, yet. But the worst thing about Bitcoin is that there is no way to hedge. You can only lock in gains by selling, and there is no certainty that when it drops that it couldn’t drop fast like silver circa 1980, losing 80% in few weeks/months. Took the gov a few years to finally get a handle on the Hunt Brothers.

      Wish you guys luck. Agree with your premise. I’ve learned not to fight the Fed and don’t believe the Fed is a proponent of Bitcoin. Hope you give them fight of their life.

  16. Never thought about selling Bitcoin until it got to 1K, sold an amount there to retire on, the one’s I am holding is to retire my kids and grandkids on. You only have this opportunity 1-2 times in your life, I missed the 1995 .com era, was not going to miss Bitcoin. However, I was ready to lose it all and I was not going to listen to naysayers, there jealous and envious anyways, not worth my time, I go with my gut, and at my age of 50+ years, my gut is my best instinct.

  17. My investment started in 2010 around 80 cents and went into 2011 which I paid up to around $25 around summer 2011. But most was bought in the $1-2 dollars range.

    Now if I was going to invest right now, I would not invest in Bitcoin, I would invest in another coin, not because I don’t believe Bitcoin will go up, but the ROI is much higher if you can find that sleeper coin (The Bitcoin of 2010 so to speak)but I would have to really study which one’s, just like GTLD’s there are lot’s of scams out there. But unlike GTLD’s where they really is no money to be made (Rick is right), Crypto has tremendous opportunities.

    I do believe the GTLD market has really hurt the domain industry not only by the bad quality, but all the fraud/scams behind pushing those domains. Rick is a blessing for calling this BS out years ago, everybody should of listened to him. Good luck!

  18. R P, I do agree with lot’s what your saying. That is why I tell none of my friends to invest in Crypto, I really don’t know what will happen long term. It’s still the wild wild west. Nobody really knows what will happen. That is why I go with my “gut” because nobody knows the future on anything, including .com’s, etc.

  19. There is a deeper global financial crisis and economic collapse coming – that will affect all industries.

    Don’t believe mainstream media. The economy is not healthy.

    Crypto is going to take a hit, and then rise – there will be no stopping it. We’re actually starting to migrate our domain operations over to blockchain.

  20. Hey Luc: Congrats in your vision!
    I didn’t play the crypto-coins per se but I do have a couple of related domains, will see.

  21. Thanks Domo, but I lost lot’s in my life in business, especially in stocks where I was day trading for many years, lost my ass on that, and my domain investment strategy has not been good either. Missed the whole short number/short letter crazy and reg as Rick would call it pigeon shit names. Got to keep swinging though. There is always more opportunities there there not in the GTLD space.

  22. Luc Adkins, first thanks to have shared your story. Can you please drop me a note at info at cybertonic dot com, I am convinced there is a specific alt coin that should make super well in a very short term and I would love your experienced feedback on my personal theory.

  23. The NTLD market has been Extremely Flooded the Domain Market with an Extremely High Number New and Un-Planned NTLD’s…
    When panic does set in the Annual Renewal’s will Crash — New Purchases will drop sharply and possibly by a fairly big percentage…
    There will be Maybe be — “5” — Maybe “10” ??? — new NTLD’s that will Still survive Good and be in Demand by Dominers and investors…
    *** Last But Not Least — If a guy named Rick Schwartz Say’s a New NTLD CRASH is Coming Soon — It Definitely Will Happen !!!

  24. Francois,

    Don’t take it personally but I won’t give feedback on other coins, nor will I entertain thoughts on other coins, because I don’t study other coins, I am enjoying retirement with my kids and grandkids. Therefore, you know more about your coin than I do. I was 100% Bitcoin, retired now, and not interested in learning about any other coins, so good luck, all the success to you Francois.


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