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I was viewing a friend's website on my Blackberry the other day, when I noticed a bunch of random unrelated links above his header. There were Viagra links, Honda links, Cialis links, Acai links...etc. You name the affiliate link, and it was probably there. When I visited his site on my laptop, those links were nowhere to be seen.

Several months ago, I had a similar problem, which my developer diagnosed as some sort of code injection. This was attributed to my not upgrading to the latest Wordpress version (currently 2.8.4). Basically when security flaws are found, Wordpress closes those holes in the next edition, and site owners need to upgrade ASAP. Because hackers and other malicious people can then learn what security flaws were found in the previous version, they can exploit those flaws in blogs and websites that aren't running on the most recent version.

In any case, it can be a bit tricky to remove the cause of the malicious links, but it's important to do so, otherwise your site is leaking "search engine link juice," and → Read More

WordPress Security


No matter who you are or what you do online, your websites are at risk of being hacked. With so many websites running on the Wordpress platform, it's important for owners to keep up to speed on security issues to prevent hacking and other malicious attacks. Richard Douglas has posted some Wordpress security tips for domain and website owners to note, and they are important to read if you use WP.

It's most important to be vigilant when it comes to website management, and if you do all you can to protect your sites, you will be better off for it. Website security is important whether you have customer data, business data, or anything else important. You don't want to compromise your visitors' computers or your content. → Read More