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Vail Resorts Gets Domain Names


Vail Ski ResortsVail Ski Resorts seems to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to owning great domain names that are important to their businesses. I was doing a bit of research, and I noticed that Vail owns 3 of the 5 .com names for their resorts, which are also syonymous with the names of the towns in which they are located.

Vail Resorts owns,, and They do not own (owned by Scott Day) or (owned by Keystone Software). In addition, they also own another great generic domain name -, which is used by the company as a vacation and travel planning website.

Vail Resorts also owns quite a few longer tail keyword domain names such as,, and They aren't using the long tail keyword names for SEO though - all of them seem to redirect to the website.

Vail Resorts has also been a bit aggressive in attempting to defend their virtual turf, filing a UDRP for and → Read More