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Belated Thank You to Oversee and Moniker

3 LogoI want to give a belated "thank you" to the PR team at and Monte Cahn at Moniker, who put together a very cool case study for one of my domain names. When Corinne Forti emailed me a few months ago to discuss writing a case study on, I was happy to oblige. I've discussed the site many times on my blog and at tradeshows because it went from getting a few visits a month undeveloped to several thousand visits a month developed, with most of the traffic coming from search engines.

Several weeks ago, someone casually mentioned seeing the case study at a presentation, and I completely forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago at Traffic New York. Fellow domain investor Dave Evanson whispered from a few rows away, "Elliot, what the f*ck is this?" while holding up a thick folded pamphlet, complete with photos in full color. I went over to check it out, and I remembered the interview.

Although the site makes very little revenue right now (monetized with Adsense and some affiliate links), I do think it → Read More