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My 2009 TRAFFIC Awards Nominations


I saw that Mike made a few nominations for the 2009 TRAFFIC Awards, which will be given out at the New York TRAFFIC conference, and I want to share a few of my nominees. This year has proven to be the most difficult one I have faced in the domain industry, and there are several individuals who stand out in my opinion and deserve recognition and praise.


Shaun Pilfold - Shaun has spent much of this year building a business on the geodomain, Instead of a standard geodomain name (like mine) with tourism information, event updates and a bit of news, Shaun has taken to the next level. Shaun's company has sunk significant resources into the business, hiring journalists, editors, and sales staff, while marketing the heck out of the business. During the Kelowna forest fires, provided the best local coverage and won a lot of praise from the local people. Shaun's company owns a plethora of great domain names, including and more.

Richard Douglas - → Read More

“Newspapers Can’t Do It…”


Another geodomain owner has made the transition from a travel and tourism guide to a full-blown journalistic publication. Shaun Pilfold and his team have transitioned their website about Kelowna, British Columbia into the website about Kelowna. The executive team hired some of Kelowna's top journalists and photographers, as well as some of the best-known local personalities, which is going to drive continued growth at the company.

In addition to advertising online, is also advertising the new website on the local radio, including a great line about how newspapers and television stations can't do what they are going to do online. With a great domain name, they are able to grab the attention of radio listeners who will certainly remember how to find them online.

Sure, they didn't need to have the domain name, but it certainly gives them much more instant credibility within the community who will see the website and feel as if they've known about the site forever. I know the team is working hard → Read More