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Sedari Thought Piece “Feared by the Bad, loved by the Good: Robin Hood”


The following is a "a sketch-style article on the allocation method recently announced by ICANN for allocating the processing order of applications for new domain names" written and distributed by Sedari, a gTLD consulting firm.

The eccentricities of California-based ICANN, the allocator of domain names, know few bounds. Based on the best of legal advice, though perhaps not the best of PR advice, it's Board has announced the system for allocating priority in the processing of around 1000 weighty applications for new top-level domain names. It has described the system, with all seriousness, as Digital Archery. A description that just begs for comparison with the English folk hero, Robin Hood.

Those who like me grew up in the UK may recall the lyrics of the 1960s TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood, with Richard Greene as the eponymous hero. "Feared by the Bad, loved by the Good, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood". Here is why to fear Digital Archery.

Not a lot of lottery

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