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City in a Box Opportunity


I wanted to share an email I received from my friend Fred Mercaldo, one of the most respected geodomain developers whose company owns Fred's company introduced a new offering for other domain investors who own city/regional .com domain names. If I hadn't developed and on my own already, I would not hesitate to turn to Fred and his expert team. If you have an undeveloped geodomain name - or if you have an underdeveloped geodomain name, you might consider reaching out to Fred about this opportunity. has grown to include 4 additional geodomains in the Arizona market.   In building these sites, we have developed a platform and system that Becky and I realized could be used for other geodomains, and have now formally begun to market the software as "City In A Box".

We are big believers that geodomains be developed and not parked, and there are still many cities and state names that could benefit from our services.   To see the actual site, visit and → Read More