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Successful Website Launched by Domain Investor Receives Lots of Press


I was reading a news aggregation website this morning, and it linked to an article in the BBC about a friend rental website (yes, you can rent "friends." It looked like an interesting lead-in, so I checked out the article about, and I recognized the name of the founder.

A few years back, I had sold a number of domain names to Scott Rosenbaum. I don't think we did a great deal of business, but it was enough that I recognized his name when I read it, and I confirmed that it's his website by comparing the Whois on my previously owned domain names to his company name in the website's T&C. has received quite a bit of good publicity recently. In addition to today's BBC article, other articles and news stories have been written on or appeared in MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, CNN, USA Today, CW, and other media outlets.

It's an interesting concept that's getting some great press. Congrats to Scott and his marketing/PR team. → Read More