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Would You Accept Bitcoins for a Domain Name Sale?


chartThere has been considerable news about bitcoins and the rising value of bitcoins. There was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, and other publications have written extensively about bitcoins. You can search Google News and see hundreds of mainstream articles about bitcoins and bitcoin values.

I know a few people who have been involved with bitcoins and bitcoin mining, but I haven't gotten involved yet (as you can see from the QR code I added with 0 BTC). I've considered putting a few domain names up for sale in exchange for bitcoins, but I still have a number of questions about them before being willing to accept bitcoins for valuable domain names. Volatility is an issue for me; I wouldn't want to sell a domain name for $10k worth of bitcoin and see the value drop 30% before I collect the funds. I assume some buyers would have the same issue, too.

Namecheap is one domain registrar that accepts bitcoins for payment. This proved to be a smart move for the company, as the value of a bitcoin has increased → Read More