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Finishing Up


Yesterday, I tried to live blog my development of, although with a few breaks and interruptions, it wasn't as quick as I wanted it to be. I am going to be working on a few things on the site today as well, which I outlined below:

- Adsense ads on the site aren't relevant to Athens or Vacations, so I made a few changes and added some content to beef it up. Adsense should automatically display ads based on what it thinks the site is about, so I am hoping this change works. Hopefully relevant ads will appear soon.

- I need to create the History page, which I will do at some point today. I use a variety of resources (such as Wikipedia) to get an idea about the history and create a custom page with unique content writing.

- I want to add another restaurant - maybe the Hard Rock Cafe since that's a tourist spot, and many fans of the chain try to visit every Hard Rock around.

- I want to add a page about transportation and the airport because people presumably want to know how to get around the city and how → Read More