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Update on WannaDevelop Websites


In September of 2009, I wrote about the development of four websites, using Mike Cohen's WannaDevelop.com for the project. Almost everything I do with my business is either a test or is in response to a test I've done, and I want to share the results of this test. Cohen's company developed DubrovnikVacations.com, JerusalemVacations.com, EasternCaribbean.com, and ParabolicSkis.com.

Since the first article, I sold EasternCaribbean.com and ParabolicSkis.com, so those traffic results are not included below. The two sites I still own did not receive much (if any) traffic before development. I also only used one Adsense code for the two sites, so the revenue number is combined for both. The results from the last 12 months (October, 2009 - October, 2010) are below, although per Adsense TOS, I am not posting the number of clicks or the exact revenue number.

Total Traffic: 1,467 visitors
Average Monthly Traffic: 122 visitors

Total Traffic: 1,423 visitors
Average Monthly Traffic: 119 → Read More