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Name Summit Expecting Nearly 300 Attendees


The inaugural NameSummit domain industry conference is coming up this Monday and Tuesday, and 270 attendees have registered so far. With the potential for people (like myself) to register the day-of the event at the door, I think there will be close to 300 industry attendees at the conference.

There are quite a few notable domain industry speakers lined up for the conference. One of the nice aspects about the event is that quite a few of the speakers are not directly related to the domain name space, and I think that will give attendees a bit of a different perspective about domain names. Topics covered beyond domain investing include personal branding, Bitcoin, social media law, and other topics related to online business.

When the conference was announced in April, I published an interview with conference co-founders Jason Schaeffer and Steven Kaziyev. I think the interview gives more insight about why they decided to put this conference together and what (more…) → Read More

Everphone.com UDRP: Despite Front Running, Domain Registrant Prevails


Front running is the act of attempting to sell a domain name that is not owned by the person who is making the sale attempt. Unfortunately, front running has become more common, and I wrote about front running during NameJet auctions  a few years ago. There was an interesting UDRP decision that domain auction participants will want to note because front running almost cost the domain registrant a domain name.

A company called Everphone GmbH filed a UDRP to get the Everphone.com domain name. This domain name sold on NameJet for $842 in January of this year, according to NameBio. According to the complainant in this UDRP, it seems that two entities contacted the complainant either during or prior to the auction claiming to be willing to sell this domain name. Because the complainant had been dealing with entities that seem to have been front running this domain name, the auction winner and current registrant was not aware of these other emails when the complainant approached him about selling the domain name.

In the UDRP → Read More

ATC.com UDRP Won by Domain Owner


In late March, I wrote about the ATC.com UDRP filing.  ATC.com had been created back in 1990, and the complainant owned the domain name for many years. The decision was just made, and the domain owner will retain this valuable domain name. The  ESQwire.com  law firm defended the domain name on behalf of the owner.

The primary reason for the decision going in favor of the domain name owner was that the three person panel found that the "Complainant has failed to establish sufficient trademark rights to the letters ATC." Because of this finding, the panel did not have to decide whether or not the domain owner had rights or interest in owning the domain name, nor did the panel need to consider whether the owner had registered and used the domain name in bad faith.

In looking at the decision (which should be published publicly soon), it appears that the panel declined to consider Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for this UDRP proceeding. Since it  does not appear in the decision, I  do not know why it was not considered. Based on → Read More

NameSummit in August: Domain Names and Digital Branding


Name SummitDomain attorney Jason Schaeffer of ESQwire.com and domain investor Steve Kaziyev recently announced that they are starting a new hybrid domain name conference called NameSummit. The inaugural event is scheduled for August 7-8, 2017, and it will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel.   The event will bring together people from across the domain industry as well as professionals in the digital branding space.

Steve shared why he and Jason created an event that covers more than just domain names:

"It's been a long time in the planning to put together a conference that can bring domainers and branding specialists together right here in NYC. Branding is essential in any business or project.  

As domain name investors we know the importance of building and developing the right brand. Part of the digital branding equation are domain names, these digital assets play a big role at creating and developing these brands. We are aiming at educating our attendees on how to properly brand our digital assets and at the same time → Read More

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Ruling in MEZ.com UDRP


In September of last year, a UDRP was filed against the Mez.com domain name. This afternoon, I learned via an update on UDRPSearch.com that the UDRP was denied. I later learned that the panel also ruled that this was a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH).

The registrant  of the domain name was represented by attorney Jason Schaeffer of the ESQWire law firm in New Jersey. In my opinion, ESQWire is one of the top law firms representing domain name owners in UDRP and other domain name defense cases.

Although I asked for and received a copy of the UDRP provided by attorney Schaeffer, the decision has not yet been published on the WIPO website. I uploaded a pdf of the decision here.

The UDRP was initiated  by a Swiss company called George Mez AG shortly after the complainant submitted an offer of $600 to buy the domain name. The company also apparently mentioned its MEZ trademarks in the purchase discussion. From my perspective, three letter .com domain names have been worth beyond three figures for over a decade, and → Read More

.Tube to Offer “Video Curator” Plugin for WordPress


Jason Schaeffer (who is on quite a role defending domain names  in  UDRP proceedings) shared some information about the .Tube domain name extension that I want to share with you.

The .Tube extension is owned by a company called Latin American Telecom, LLC whose founder is Rami Schwartz. Rami came up with the idea for .Tube in 2007 when he purchased approximately 1,500 (keyword) tube.com domains and built individual channels. Since 2010, Rami and Jason worked together to win the rights to the extension, and prevailed against both Google and Donuts in a private auction in 2015.

According to Jason, .Tube is positioning (more…) → Read More

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