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Domain Spam Making the Rounds


I received two emails like this in the past couple of days for geodomain names, and a friend also forwarded me the same email for a completely different domain name. Because the emails were nearly identical, and because the domain names in question were very different, I believe this is a domain spam email making the rounds.

While I don't think it's any type of scam, I have heard that people will send out thousands of automated emails based on certain domain attributes, and when someone responds, the emailer will then decide whether he is interested in replying or not based on the domain name.

Here's the email in the event you receive the exact same one.

Hello there,

I am contacting you to offer you some cold, hard cash. Unfortunately in this case you have not won the lottery, nor do I need you to help me wire a ridiculous amount of money.

I am contacting you in relation to the domain name which I am aware that you own.

I was just curious as to whether you would be prepared to sell the rights of → Read More