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DN Media Corporation and Telepathy, Inc. Launch MiniSites.com


MiniSites.com to provide website development services to domain name investors.

Washington, D.C. - March 25, 2009 – DN Media Corp. and Telepathy, Inc. announced today the creation of a joint venture called MiniSites.com. The new company provides mini site development services to domain name investors, offering them an affordable alternative to monetize their valuable assets.

"We are thrilled to be partnered with Nat Cohen of Telepathy on this project," said DN Media co-founder Bogdan Nastea. "Nat has ten years of experience in the domain industry, and he brings an impressive track record of turning domain names into successful businesses."

MiniSites.com offers three levels of mini site development to accommodate all types of domains and budgets. The Micro, starting at $80, is a one-page site which is ideal for lead generation and affiliate marketing. The Mini, starting at $170, is a five-page site which provides more content to visitors, keeping them engaged and coming back. The Big Mini, starting at $290, takes the → Read More