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Sedo Gets and Exclusivity


SedoI've noticed that quite a bit of the higher value sales reported in DNJournal of late have been made by Sedo. Earlier this week, I wrote about Sedo getting exclusivity on a great gambling domain name, It seems like the company is on quite a roll.

Today, I've learned that Sedo has gotten the domain names and under exclusive contract to sell.

I think is a great domain name because computer memory is very easy to sell online. I don't know what the margins are like, but I know a company like makes it simple for people to order memory upgrades. The physical product is small, so inventory expenses are probably light compared to other products.

I wouldn't be surprised if a company like Micron (owners of Crucial) make an offer to buy Not only would an acquisition like make its brand more intuitive, but it would also prevent a startup or competitor from making a big impact on its offering.

Ryan Colby is the broker for both of these domain names and you → Read More