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Burn Down Value of .com Domain Names


House on Fire

I've seen this written in the past and I've said it as well, but I want to reiterate another reason for why I have been developing strictly .com domain names so far. There is significant burn down value to .com domain names - more so than other extensions, in my opinion. By burn-down value, I am referring to the domain name's value if I tear down the website that is built on it. "Burn down value" is more of a physical real estate term quantifying the value of a lot of the home was to be destroyed - or burned down.

I'd like to use Torah.com and Burbank.com as examples. Before building websites on these domain names, I received offers that were significantly higher than I paid. This solidified my decision to move forward with development, because it gave me confidence to know that I could sell them if development failed, as there is significant burn down value. In reality, I don't have to worry about doing something that would be detrimental to these brands (because I wouldn't), but there isn't much that can be done to impact → Read More