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Investing in .CO Domain Names: My Current Thoughts and Outlook


.CO Domain NamesI am writing much more about .CO domain names than I ever did about .MOBI or .EU or any other new domain extension. I want to make a few things very clear about my feelings on .CO, and you can take it for what its worth knowing the .CO Registry is an advertiser and that I own less than 10 .CO domain names.

With Google's consideration that .CO is an international domain extension rather than another ccTLD (despite the fact that it is actually Colombia's ccTLD), I believe .CO domain names have the ability to perform well as websites in any country. I believe that this will mean businesses will be able to successfully build on .CO domain names.

I can only assume that companies like Go Daddy and the .CO Registry will continue to market .CO domain names, targeting consumers and small businesses alike. To my knowledge, this type of mass awareness campaign has not been done before for other extensions, and I think consumer awareness is key to .CO domain values.

I believe that because Google announced it will index these domain → Read More

GoDaddy: “New .COMs and .COs $11.99”



I assume this is a pre-Super Bowl test, since the .CO offer ends on January 26, 2011, but Go Daddy has an interesting special offer splashed across its homepage right now: "New .COMs and .COs $11.99"

Instead of its frothy $29.99 price per domain name, Go Daddy is selling .CO domain names for $11.99/year for the first year only. If you opt to register a new domain name for longer than the first year, the regular price kicks back in after year one.

Perhaps more interesting than the price is the grouping of .COM and .CO together. Some people have shown concern that there could be confusion if people "accidentally" purchase a .CO instead of .COM, which is what was discussed when Go Daddy made .CO a default in a previous test.

Now with the price being the same and .COM the default, Go Daddy will be able to see how amenable customers are to choosing .CO as an alternative to .COM if the .COM of their choice is unavailable.

This price change will also allow GoDaddy to see how price sensitive its customers are when it comes to → Read More

Difference Between .CO and .CM


I've seen people compare the soon to be released Colombian .CO domain names to the Cameroonian .CM domain extension, with the main comparison being the assumption that the purpose is for typosquatting. I can understand why people would say that for .CM, but I believe there is a big reason .CO is very different, and it primarily revolves around the marketing of the extension.

Just like .TV isn't billed as the Tuvalu extension nor is .ME is billed as the Montenegro extension, .CO won't really be billed by registrars as the Colombia extension to most companies and domain buyers. You can see in many of the marketing materials that .CO is being billed as the extension for Companies, where Company is most frequently abbreviated as Co. A company known as "The Sports Car Company" would likely be interested in owning SportsCar.co, not to capitalize on .com traffic, but because that's an extension of their brand.

I am sure there will be plenty of people who acquire .CO domain names primarily for the typo traffic that may occur as a → Read More