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Domain Recognition – Buying Domains Smartly


After spending two weeks in Europe and the UK, and now thinking about the industry with a new "set of glasses," I really think that relevance is more important than the extension - when it comes to developed domain names. With the current domain parking and monetization options, domain names that receive traffic will typically have some value, but as PPC revenue continues to decline, the safest and smartest domain acquisitions are those that are usable and recognizable by Internet users.

With few exceptions, no matter what the extension is, I think domain usability and visitor recognition are two of the most important things to consider when making a purchase. If you or someone else would be willing to spend thousands of dollars building a website on a particular domain name, it might be one in which you would want to invest at the right price. Intuitive names like (wine bar in Italian), (maps in Spanish),, are all great domain names on which to develop a website as people will → Read More