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Neustar Domain Names

Good Value Drop Auctions


Cab CompaniesI just updated the list of top drop auctions on Snapnames. IMO, there are some pretty good domain names to be had, some of which have been selling far below end user values.If you are able to purchase commercially viable domain names at good prices, and you create a directory site or mini site on each, you can increase the value of them during the down market, while hopefully generating revenue.

I recently bought in a private seller auction on Snapnames, and I launched it a few days later. The website is a national directory of cab companies and limo companies. Although there isn't much content (yet), it's a decent starting point. I also paid less for the name and website than I think the domain name alone is worth.

I think my next project will be different and won't use a database, I will find an industry with 5-10 industry leading companies that use affiliate programs. I will then build a site that discusses each company and provide an affiliate link for people to buy each company's product or to visit the → Read More

Web Developer RFP Price Quote


CabIn lieu of posting this on eLance or other developer forum, I am going to ask for a web design and programming price quote. Please quote your price in the comment section of this thread. After I select a winning company, I will share the company name and price of the project. I will also share the timeline given by the developer.

Once the website is developed and launched, I will follow up with a post for you to see how the project turned out. I think this could be a good opportunity for a developer to show off his/her skills.

Project Scope for

I want a clean but themed design for the site - obviously a checkered/yellow cab theme. I am happy to send comps of sites I like, but I want it to be fairly simple and minimalist, but with an updated look. I don't want something that looks like it was done 10 years ago... I like (which I blogged about a while back) but with less info - and no need to scroll down.

On the home page, there will be a search box for people to enter their city and a → Read More