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Neustar Domain Names Launches Affiliate Program


Bouquet.comAs you are probably aware due to my previous articles about the auction and subsequent website launch, Bill McClure is kicking it into high gear with One way he is able to grow this business is to have an affiliate program, and I want to let you know about the new affiliate program for those of you who own floral domain names that get traffic.

Here's what Bill told me about the program: (more…) → Read More

Bill McClure Offers Additional Insight on Acquisition


Bouquet.comAt the TRAFFIC Las Vegas auction, Bill McClure purchased the domain name for $30,000. When the website launched soon thereafter, he was kind enough to offer some insight into his purchase  for inclusion in my blog post.

In the comment section of a blog post last week where the plural domain name was offered for sale, there was some discussion about the purchase and a few excellent questions were posed. Bill was kind enough to offer even more insight into the purchase, which I think is valuable given Bill's successes online.

I think Bill's insight is invaluable, and I thought it would be beneficial to create a separate post with the questions about the purchase and Bill's replies to them. I know Bill is a busy guy, and I appreciate his taking the time to share this with us. (more…) → Read More