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Twelpforce & FanWoody: How Best Buy & TGI Friday are Building Facebook & Twitter Brands on TV


Picture 1A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Best Buy's television commercials advertising their Twelpforce, a group of Best Buy's   technology experts who offer technical advice and support via Twitter. The most interesting thing about these commercials was that they weren't directing visitors to their website, something which they control. Instead, they were directing people to the Twelpforce Twitter page, which is owned by Twitter.

While I don't think there are going to be problems with Twitter, I just don't think it's a smart move to build the Twitter traffic rather than traffic to the main Best Buy site. They could conceivably redirect traffic from to the Twitter page if they wanted to do so, allowing them to control the traffic and analytics rather than a third party.

Recently, I've been seeing commercials from TGI Fridays, encouraging people to go to a Facebook page they set up, The commercial says that if 500,000 become Woody's Fan, all will receive a coupon for a free burger at → Read More

Twitter Call to Action from Best Buy


Best Buy TwelpforceI saw my first television commercial with a Twitter call to action in lieu of a phone number or corporate website. Best Buy had a commercial on National Geographic where they had the url across the screen for the length of the commercial. As a direct marketer, I don't really like this idea for a few reasons:

1) Unless they have a special deal with Twitter, they can't track the results (how many people visited the page)
2) They are building Twitter's brand, not Best Buy's brand
3) It's difficult to remember the url, and if a visitor typos it, they get a Twitter error message, not a Best Buy 404
4) Not everyone knows Twitter - presumably much less than people who know Best Buy
5) Many people that know Twitter don't use it
6) Could lead to a very short and annoying user experience if visitor is not familiar with Twitter

IMO, if Best Buy wants to encourage people to visit or befriend its Twitter account, they could have sent people to Best Buy's website with a backslash for Twitter. They could explain → Read More