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I think I am going to take it easy the next couple of weeks. I injured  my knee a few months ago  (maybe tennis or cycling), and an MRI showed a bit of  fluid in the back of my knee. It doesn’t bother me all that much, but it’s become sort of a nagging injury, and I started some physical therapy to build up the muscles around the knee. It’s an injury that I don’t feel all the time, but when I do feel it, it hurts quite a bit. It can be difficult to find time to exercise for many people who sit behind the computer all day, but it’s essential.

Here are some updates and thoughts I had over the past few days. You are welcome to share some of your thoughts or comments about what I shared.

  • 2014 has been an up and down year for my business, and I’ll be happy when the calendar flips to 2015. 2013 was the biggest year I had, so it has been a bit disappointing that I didn’t see continued growth. I suppose that is the nature of a business like this one. I certainly won’t really complain about business, but I was hoping for a better year.
  • Larry Fischer announced via Twitter that his company is brokering the domain name. The New York football team should want to own this domain name, but they might not be able to compete on price. This name sold for $375,000 in the down market of 2009, and it is probably worth more today.
  • Another high value domain name hit the market last week as well. announced it was brokering in a December 16th press release. According to Igloo’s CEO, Tessa Holcomb, “ is not just a great domain name; it’s a global brand, making it a truly exceptional asset. It’s not often that a domain name of this caliber becomes available for sale and we’re looking forward to helping reach its unique potential!
  • Tip: The last couple of weeks of the year may be a good time to get a last minute deal done. Some companies want to generate additional revenue and others may be looking to offset profits with an acquisition. The biggest challenge is getting a deal done in the midst of holidays and vacations, which may make it difficult to get legal reviews and payments scheduled.
  • Hope you find time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. I tend to work quite a bit, but now is a good time to make memories, especially if you have young children or grandchildren.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. is more valuable than imo. Has anyone ever confirmed the truth or falsehood of the price claim about that one, btw? – what a prize. Something’s really wrong if it doesn’t go for $5 – $10 million-plus.

    Tennis is the more probable cause among the two. Cycling is what you do to treat it, especially stationary, and especially “isokinetic.” Unless you really overdid it cycling, or your cycle is designed in a way that causes an awkward movement that you don’t see (I had an expensive isokinetic machine that had one leg going awkwardly out to the side years ago, and didn’t notice it till years later.)

  2. Despite what I joked the other day, I appreciate all your hard work and effort you give here. You’re going to have a great 2015. Your advice over the years has made us all money. As for your knee. Ice, rolling, ,non impact exercise, and time will heal. Tennis has too much side to side movement and is really hard on the knees if you do it right. Your best exercise would be forward moving sports. Run, bike, swim. Enjoy your time off.

  3. Sorry to hear about the knee injury but my advice is don’t ignore the warning signs. Back in early 2013 I had some pain in my knees any time I was seated for a while and stood up. I had been lifting weights (squats, leg presses, lunges etc) for some thirty years so the wear and tear was taking its toll. I ignored the discomfort and one day in Sept 2013 after some heavy leg presses and during a set of weighted step ups I noticed a sharp pain in my left knee. I had torn the lateral meniscus in my left knee and for several months afterwards found it difficult to put on / take off socks & shoes, go up and down stairs or even walk without a knee brace. I walked like an eighty year old man. I went about eight months without being able to run and about nine months without doing any weight training involving quadriceps. For someone accustomed to regular exercise, it was tough on the psyche. After about six months of training post-injury, my quadriceps are now about 80% of pre-injury strength levels. But at least I am training again. I decided to discontinue any plyometric work and am still cautious about leg presses. However, my workouts include 100 and 200 meter sprint work – great exercise if you have the facilities to do so.

    Have a nice holiday and thanks for sharing your industry insights.

  4. Does this mean our match is toast?
    Just kidding…

    I am not a doctor but I am going to have to disagree with the others.
    I would say it is probably cycling but it could be tennis too. Am I clear? lol Tennis all I do for exercise… 🙂
    It must be cycling unless you are doing something wrong at either forehand or backhand, like hitting the ball when its way too far from you causing you to bend your knee further.
    Which leg is it? If it is the right leg do you use 2 hands in your backhand?
    Tennis is harder on the whole arm and the shoulder you are using.
    Also you should check your shoes especially if you are playing on hard surface.

  5. I play tennis competitively and got a chance to see the US Open 2014.(Quarters and Semis)
    Tennis is a brutal sport and uses every part of your body.
    It is important you do lots of stretching and go for massages.

    Take care of your body so you can run with kids!

  6. it would be interesting to see if France the country files a UDRP for This is happened before if I remember correctly a town or country. Their domain name since France is no longer being used for a direct purpose for selling s a product plus you are now looking to sell the domain name. I have no issues, of course, but a UDRP panel may feel different.

  7. Added note here: Thank God for this new development re Internet governance. I’ve raised that topic here before, and it’s one that seems to have fallen under the radar compared to Net Neutrality. This is thankfully a welcome development, and the entire matter falls squarely in the “what were they even thinking?” column.

    Yes, I’m (not) sorry that the Internet was invented in the US.

    Yes, I’m (not) sorry that the DNS was also invented in the US.

    Yes, I’m also (not) sorry that having been governed to the degree that it has from the country of its very origin (hello?), this country has striven to keep the Internet a place of freedom, opportunity, and progress for everyone throughout the whole world, not a wasteland of self-interest tyranny, censorship, and enslavement. And where anything remains less than absolutely perfect, there also remains room to grow and improve.


    “Congress Steps In to Protect the Internet”

  8. Hope you feel better Elliott and get that knee fixed. Now is a good time to take some time off, rest, ect.

    Regarding 2014, it was my worst year since 2002 in this industry. Had so many buyers never fund deals that were in escrow it was crazy. However, like you I have young daughter’s, and the greatest gift is working out of your home to spend more time with your kids.

    Happy Holiday to you and your family Elliott!

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