Sunday Observations and Updates


NamesCon is finally here! I arrived late last night on a flight with the GoDaddy crew, and I am ready to begin a few days of meetings and get togethers. I am looking forward to meeting with colleagues, closing some deals, and learning some things that will help my business.

Here are some observations and tips. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and updates if you would like.

I have not yet downloaded the Uniregistry app, but I plan to do so and test it out. I haven’t really had a need (that I can recall) for a domain registrar app, but perhaps this app will make me realize I needed it along along. We shall see.

Speaking of Uniregistry, they have a huge presence at NamesCon (as does GoDaddy).

Here are 5 of my NamesCon objectives:
– Secure a couple of pending advertising deals
– Meet with several new executives with domain industry companies
– Finalize a pending acquisition
– Spend some quality time with friends who I see once a year
– Meet people from the industry I’ve exchanged emails with or done deals with this past year

I am selling quite a few domain names on NameJet in the next week or so. Some of the better names include,,,,, and quite a few others. Most do not have any reserve price. You can follow along with the auctions by visiting

I really don’t think Apple’s registration of Apple.Car means anything. IMO, they are defensively buying as many new gTLD domain names as they can, and this is one of those names. They also registered Apple.Bible, and I don’t think they are getting into the bible business!

I saw a great BuyDomains Adsense ad (I believe it was Adsense) that I wish I had screenshotted. It basically had a call to action mentioning a few domain names of theirs I had visited recently. It is kind of neat that they can track like this even though I didn’t make an inquiry. If I see it again, I will take a screenshot and share.

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