Squadhelp Shortlist is a Nice Feature


I was looking at Squadhelp yesterday, and I noticed a feature I think is smart. The platform lets prospective buyers add domain names to their shortlist. The number of times a domain name has been shortlisted is shown on the listing, and domain names that have been recently shortlisted more than once have a special message shown “STRONG BUYER INTEREST” along with the number of recent times the name was added to a short list:

This is a strong feature, as it ensures prospective buyers know there is demand for a particular domain name. If they do not act quickly and purchase the domain name, someone else might buy it first. Nobody wants to hem and haw over a branding decision only to learn that another person or business scooped up the domain name in the meantime.

I think Sedo offers something similar in that it shows the number of historic bids a domain name has had. That also does the same thing – essentially lighting a fire under the prospect in an effort to get them to make a decision. In my opinion, the Squadhelp notice is stronger because a prospect neither has to place a binding offer/bid on a domain name, and the (unknown) recency of the strong buyer interest illustrates that the domain name could be bought by someone else.

This is a nice feature from Squad Help, and I bet it benefits domain sellers on the platform.


  1. There are too many damn buy/sell/parking platforms that “Konfuse” the heck out of the new domainers. I stick to just 2 and still making money on sales and parking.

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  2. I clarified with SH that shortlisting is simply clicking on the heart on the landing page, which is equivalent to a like on Facebook. To me, it has little predictive value of a future sale. It simply shows general interest. Numerous ‘shortlisters’ have little to no budget to buy a high value domain name, yet they ‘like’ it anyway.

    • I have not used Squadhelp to buy or sell domain names before, so I am not very familiar with the platform.

      If I was looking to buy a domain name and saw “Strong buyer interest” on the listing, I might be more likely to buy the domain name more quickly so I don’t lose the chance to buy it.

  3. So can you just go around clicking the hearts or have others click on the hearts to artificially boost your domain “perceived value”

    • Are you allowed to do that for your own domain names? I assume you have to be logged in to your account to create or add to a shortlist.

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