Sells for $228,600 on NameJet


The auction for closed at a price of $228,600 on NameJet this afternoon. Bidding during the final minutes of the auction extended it more than three hours past its scheduled ending time. The winning bidder was “qgpfexzorg,” and there were five active bidders above the $50,000 mark (three above $200,000).

Late last year,  was sold  for $2,600,000 in a deal co-brokered by Moniker and Marksmen.  Fusible reported  that acquired, although I don’t believe the company has publicly confirmed the acquisition.

Last week, I ran a contest on my blog to see who could guess the sale price of the domain name, and the person who guessed the closest would receive a $200 NameJet bidding credit from me. There were guesses that ranged from a low of $8,500 to a high of $1.2 million.

The person who guessed the closest number to the actual sale was Bruce Tedeschi, who guessed a sale price of $230,000, off by $1,400. Congratulations on making the best guess. I will be in touch with you soon to ensure that the bidding credit is delivered to the proper account.

Congratulations to the seller and to NameJet on this successful domain sale. It will be interesting to see who bought the domain name. I am a frequent NameJet bidder, and I did not recognize the winning bidder’s user name, so perhaps it was created specifically for this auction.


  1. I remembered COPY.COM was sold at Namejet for around 100K – Didn’t expect sold for 228K.

    @Carlton F : I believe if buyer don’t make payment in the next 3 days (not sure 3 days because 228K is a lot of money and need to do wire transfer), then the domain will available in the public auction.

    @Adi – Thanks for liking my site

  2. To those who think the guy who bought this is a sucker:

    Have you thought if “Facebook” was built on a name such as this what that would have been like?

    It would have been Treeeeeeeeeeeemendouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!

  3. and sales are real proof of the growing peak and interest in social web commerce. The trend is likely to continue through the next decade. This gives me hope for : sell it for 5% of price or start a social web magazine inside.

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