SnapNames Adds Drop Catch Resources for .cc and .tv


I received a press release from SnapNames this afternoon that may be of interest to people who buy and sell .cc and .TV domain names. SnapNames has added more drop catching resources for these two ccTLD domain extensions. Both of these extensions are operated by Verisign.

I am almost entirely a .com domain name buyer, so this SnapNames news won’t really impact me. Hopefully by adding these resources for .cc and .TV, the SnapNames / NameJet duo is not taking away resources from .com drop catching!

I am unsure if this is related to today’s announcement, but if you look at “The Drop” heading on NameJet’s home page right now, 9 of the 15 domain names listed are .cc domain names.

Here is a copy of the SnapNames press release I received:

SnapNames Dedicates More Resources to .cc and .tv Names on the Drop

King of the Drop putting more power behind catching

valuable .cc and .tv domain names

Jacksonville, FL (August 4, 2016) – With the recent integration of SnapNames and NameJet for deleting inventory, SnapNames is utilizing more resources to catch .cc and .tv names. This recent move is another in a series to cement SnapNames’s place as the top drop-catching service in the industry.

Although the fulfillment of backorders placed on SnapNames for .cc and .tv domains has always been possible, the rates of acquisition were low compared to other extensions. Now SnapNames has dedicated a substantial amount of resources to these extensions, and one can expect a fulfillment rate on par with the rest of the deleting inventory.

The .cc domain extension is technically the ccTLD for the Cocos Islands off the coast of Australia, but it did not come with resident restrictions for registration. It has become a favored extension due to its short and memorable alliteration, giving it global recognition and usability.

.tv domains were originally for Pacific islands of Tuvalu but quickly caught on due to its abbreviation of all things television. Websites with video content have been adopting the extension with great success, along with websites that offer streaming services, like

SnapNames has patented drop-catching technology and has been acquiring names on the Drop since 2001. Recently, NameJet and SnapNames joined forces and SnapNames started powering the drop on NameJet, giving customers a better chance at acquiring backordered deleting names, and being able to use their platform of choice with an integrated auction platform.


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