Smart Domain Move by Trump


In a tweet made on his Twitter page this afternoon, Donald Trump, Jr. (known by many as Don) and his wife Vanessa announced the birth of their son, Tristan Trump, who was born today.

Although the newest member of the Trump family was just born, he already has his domain name  reserved  for him by the Trump Organization. Whois records show that was registered by The Trump Organization just a few days ago, on September 27, 2011.

When real estate mogul Donald Trump had his son, Barron, in 2006, the company did not immediately register, and another entity registered it. Current Whois records show that The Trump Organization now owns as well. The domain name forwards to the website of the child’s mother,

Congratulations to the Trump family, which clearly understands the value of domain names. Perhaps Don should now get in touch with and work out a deal for


  1. “Perhaps Don should now get in touch with and work out a deal for”

    Huh?? You must be kidding Elliot. It was registered in bad faith knowing “Don Trump” would buy in the name, and you are asking them to negotiate with the entity that squatted on their name?

    • @ David

      I don’t know the motivation for owning it, so I won’t speculate in that regard.

      However, “negotiations” are necessary no matter whether the company has the right to own a domain name or not.

      Completely unrelated but when a robber holds hostages, the police bring in a negotiator to work out a deal.

  2. Nice move … well, at least he was ahead of the game in snagging this one awhile back: (same as his Twitter account)

  3. So no more stories about bad faith buys off drops?

    After all you dont know if its really bad faith or not, just like isnt obvious LOL

    No good deed goes unpunished E.

  4. David/Josh –

    He’s overwhelmingly know (in media stories anyway) as “Donald” or “The Donald” not “Don”. And there are actually many men with the name “Don Trump” (do a people search). Bad faith? Not a slam dunk by any means. If Trump wanted the name he would have done something already (name was reg on 4/2010 I don’t have the whois history to see before that).

    Many potential buyers for this name. Just like “” isn’t owned by Elliot.

  5. @Larry, I agree, many Don Trumps out there but that isnt what shows bad faith in MY eyes. When you look at the registrant you cannot deny why it was reg’d.

    If a well known domainer, who dabbles with tm names and proven to I do not believe for a moment his intentions were “good”.

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