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The .App extension is off to a fast start, booking over 100,000 registrations in just a few days. I tried to pre-register a few domain names for the standard fee at GoDaddy, and I ended up with none. It looks like all of the names I was interested in buying were bought by others prior to them becoming available in the General Availability phase.

I don’t think I will be attempting to register any other .App domain names. Based on some experiences negotiating with people who operate apps, I don’t think there is going to be a big appetite to buy domain names at a premium price,. Of course, I could be wrong, but I am not going to spend the time to try and find available .App domain names when I see limited upside.

I am sure there will be some people who do well with their .App domain investments, and hopefully you are in that position, but I don’t know if the secondary market will be strong. We shall see how (or if) Google promotes .App to its massive audience.

I invite you to share some of the .App domain names you managed to buy already. I am not interested in turning this into a sales post, so please respect that and just list the names (if you want to participate) rather than trying to sell them here. On a similar note, Afternic now allows people to list their .App domain names for sale, per a tweet last night from Paul Nicks.


  1. Because redirects only work in certain browsers at the moment and whois tends to be very limited, I will gladly post mine. Looking forward to discussing with investors and/or developers. I tended to look for names that would benefit from the security features of .app. I also utilized EAP to my advantage. All but one has regular renewal.



  4. Because meanwhile ‘App’ is also in German language a common used and well known colloquial word/term, I was able to get the following generic keywords in my native language that makes sense (IMHO) in combination with the new .app extension. (translated as (friends) (discount) (counselor or guide)
    I also got (First Aid)
    All regular renewals but for some names I used EAP day 7. For ‘’ I got already an offer.


  6. Got and in auction for another .app domain. Will update if I win.
    I still don’t know how I was able to get without it going to auction or why someone did not pay a higher price to buy it first.

  7. The “better sounding” names seem to all have premium renewals, and were probably purchased at a premium price as well, so I doubt they are any better than the mediocre sounding names.

    Names with $50-$150 renewal fees are going to be extremely difficult to hold long term, it is the very opposite of good domain investing.

  8. Renewals will get you and can be a tough sell. I ensured all my registrations were the base yearly renewal. I always expect to hold for several years and think about how much it will cost me now to register most of my domains for 3 years right off the bat

  9. All of the above names I have posted are renewable in 19.99$. I bought in 14.99$., only goldcoins is little high price 61$ which is also not much.

  10. picked these up today, 24 hours after launch.

    ok, itch scratched.

    up to 5 names at $12 each with with $9.99 membership at

    at $99 memebrship, unlimited domains at cost, app is $12, com 7.85 +ICANN



    ……and a few city names

  13. (auction pending) (auction pending)

    … and a few more 5N 6N .app

  14. We’ve got the following:

    .APP domainlist of VayDesign (

    — 3 letter:

    — 4+ letter:

    — german domains:

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