Sedo’s Creative Tactic to Sell



People often ask what domain brokers and brokerages do to help sell domain names to end users. I wanted to share this tweet and Vine video that shows one step Sedo took to get the word out about their exclusive sales listing for the domain name.

According to the tweet embedded above, Sedo sent a chocolate business card to Christina Warren, Senior Tech Analyst at Mashable to advertise that the domain name is now for sale. As of this posting, I haven’t found an article on Mashable announcing this opportunity, but perhaps something will be posted later. Mashable’s sizable reach could help sell this domain name.

It’s nice to see a company step out of the box when it comes to spreading the word about a domain name that is now on the market.


  1. So Elliot, while I agree this is sure clever, how many domains do you have listed at Sedo and how many letters are they sending ion your behalf? Or mine or anyone reading this?

    I don’t think it was more than an MLS coincidence that sold on Sedo versus Internet Traffic.

    Nonetheless Sedo made it’s $9K for being in the right place at at the right time. Imagine how much could be sold with real effort and a real sales team with management and strategy. You will now that Jeff Gabriel is running sales at DNS.

    I don’t know how much effort you extend to make $9K on a domino but i’d be burnt someone making 9K on my domain for doing nothing.

  2. Chocolate is just so easy, who doesn’t love chocolate, the only issue with selling premium domain names, is the person who has the authority to make the purchase, usually never knows they are for sale. Nice creative step, and if it gains traction, I would think their is creative ways to integrate this name, stand alone, you could run a great business, day, and night as well.

  3. @owen Like it or not, Sedo can cash checks and “do nothing” as they spent time/money/effort on the front end to establish their reputation and place in the marketplace.
    I’ve seen you doing a lot of nothing for just as many years and establishing your “reputation” , what kind of commissions are you making ?
    Clearly Sedo continues to push to maintain their position in an ever-changing marketplace by marketing any way they can.

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