Dynadot Announces Partnership With Sedo & $6.99 Domain Transfers


Dynadot has become the latest domain registrar to link up with Sedo and become a part of the company’s SedoMLS program. There are now 57 program partners, including Name.com, 1&1, Moniker, Register.com, and many others. To celebrate the news, Dynadot is offering a special price on domain transfers -$6.99 for .com domain names and $5.99 for .net domain names.

Some advantages of the SedoMLS platform include instant domain transfer among partners, ability to list a wide range of ccTLD domain names, and payment within one business day.

For those who are active sellers on Sedo’s marketplace, there’s an advantage to listing your names with SedoMLS as well. According to the FAQ page, the “standard commission for domains listed in the SedoMLS network is 20%.   However, if you add your domain to SedoMLS and it sells on Sedo’s standard marketplace, you pay only 10% commission.”

It’s good to see the expansion of sales venues, and having your registrar linked up with SedoMLS gives you more opportunities to passively sell your domain names. I personally haven’t tried listing names on SedoMLS, but in reading more about it, I probably should get on that ASAP.


  1. Great news!

    I hadn’t bothered with SedoMLS, but since I have the less valuable half of my names at Dynadot (because that’s where I hand-reg), this prompted me to give it a go. Unfortunately, Sedo’s platform doesn’t detect the registrar at which each domain is registered, so that part has to be set manually, which is time-consuming as I have domains at 6+ different registrars and they are all mixed together in my Sedo account.

  2. I’m not aware if I have an account manager at Sedo, and I can’t get the “Ask a Question” function on their support system to work. I did find an email address on DNF, so I will let you know if I hear back from that.

    As a side note, I feel Sedo should make their online customer service more of a priority. There was a problem with my parking account a couple of months ago, and because I never found their “Live Chat” active and their “Ask a Question” function wouldn’t work for me, I ended up moving my 700 domains to WhyPark parking, while leaving my domains on Sedo’s marketplace (BTW, with WhyPark’s customizable templates and contact/offer form, that has been GREAT for sales). I did see there is a phone # under their “Contact Us” page, but it is not clear if it is for customer service. I’ve been happy with their negotiation platform, and have sold a few domains that way this year, but when you are paying a company 10%+ in commissions for hosting your sales, you would think it would be mutually beneficial to make it super-easy to contact customer support.

    Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant 🙂

  3. Hi Josh,

    Thanks you for your comment. It looked like Deja Vu to me.
    I also had a parking problem with Sedo but i did get in touch with them. The guy at Sedo was very helpfull. Turned out Sedo’s advertising partner had an issue with my traffic.

    I assume the issue was not sending traffic at all but that is just a guess i could still list at Sedo (my main concern). Cept not use the parking service. Wich is actually fine with me.

    I switched to whypark also and was actually pleasantly suprised by with their parking options. This is something where Sedo can improve ALOT 😉

    So i am actually rather happy with the current situation.

  4. @theo

    Yeah, I figure there was a problem with my traffic as well. I’ve never intentionally sent traffic to a parked page there, but I do get names off the drop, so my guess is that my problem originated with what was previously on one of my domains. I emailed them today re: that issue too, so maybe I’ll hear back. I don’t plan on going back to them for parking, but I would like to know what the problem was.

    I started to write a whole WhyPark vs. Sedo review here (there are perks of each), but it got long, so I think I’ll save it for later 🙂 I will say, though, WhyPark’s live chat is active regularly, and I have the email address of a WhyPark employee who is always professional and promptly helps me with anything I need. When your used to customer service from the likes of any tech company, that is a welcome change.

    I imported all of my Dynadot names into SedoMLS. While it took a little over 2 hours to do it manually, it wasn’t as lame as it could have been. For those doing it, it sped things up for me to open up two windows, search on my Sedo account for a specific domain extension in one window, filter my Dynadot account list by the same extension in the other, and then work with the Sedo form window right next to the Dynadot window… There’s likely a better way, though.

    Anyway, I’m happy to report that I received my first sale via SedoMLS less than two hours after importing my Dynadot names! Livegoldprices.org sold for $200 (my share $150). While not a blockbuster by any means, I couldn’t have sold it with this little effort otherwise.

  5. I am pissed. I saw this sedo promotion a few days ago, and today finally got around to considering it because the deadline was looming. I spent around an hour researching dynadot in forums, playing with their interface, looking at their pricing, looking into some other issues related to my moniker.com account, and thinking if it was worth the trouble to switch my 5000 .com domains from Moniker at $8.45 each to Dynadot at $6.99 each. I decided it was, especially because although I am happy with Moniker I support Monte Cahn who is having big problems with them.

    So, I emailed their sales to ask how to do such a big transfer, and they told me this $6.99 offer has a 100 domain limit. It is ridiculous they did not disclose that ahead of time, and also crazy they won’t bend that rule to get my business, because their normal bulk price of $7.99 is less than I pay at Moniker.com so I would have no reason to switch back in a year.

  6. Dynadot emailed me to say that their promotion says
    *While supplies last”, which I forgot to mention in my posting. Still, I assumed that meant they would end it if they got overloaded with new customers and stop the promotion completely. They did offer to try to work around the limit next week once they see how many more domains get switched from other domainers over the next few days, so I appreciate their response to me and maybe I will end up switching to them if they offer me a good deal.

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