Sedo 2011 Market Study Now Available


SedoSedo has released its annual 2011 Market Study with insight into the domain market and activity during the last year. The full market study pdf can be downloaded (for free) by visiting Sedo’s website.

Off the bat, one of the most impressive figures is Sedo’s total sales for 2011: sales volume totaled $84,431,965. According to the company, “.co and .me entering the top ten sold top level domains (TLDs) for the very first time.” The company also offered additional insight into pricing strategy, especially as it relates to Buy It Now pricing and the SedoMLS Network.

Here are several highlights from the just published report:

  • 39,951 sales occurred in 2011, the majority of which took place in the first half of the year.
  • The .com extension continues to dominate, accounting for 44% of all sales. In second place was .de, with 18% of all sales.
  • Top sales for the year included for $2.5 million and for $1 million.
  • Buy Now sales accounted for 35% of all sales in 2011. In Q4 2011 alone, Buy Now sales made up close to 40% of all sales, indicating a steady increase of around 5% per year since 2009.
  • Median prices of nearly all TLDs increased and average prices were stable. The .co and .me extensions showed the strongest increases in median and average prices.
  • The most popular domain name length was eight characters, represented by sales like
  • 47% of sales during 2011 were priced at under $500, and a majority of those were Buy Now domains.
  • IDNX, the first standard price index for the domain industry, shows that the domain market remains closely correlated to the NASDAQ 100 and IT stock numbers. (IDNX -1.5% and NASDAQ +1.7%)

I have not read the full report yet, but it’s something I plan to do very soon. I think the information in the report is invaluable and can help you buy and sell good domain names.


  1. I’m very surprised almost half the sales were for under $500. We usually get dazzled by the big sales. My takeaway from that list is setting a BIN of $500 for a decent domain will give the highest probability of a sale.

  2. Aggro, a little bitter there? If it makes you feel better not to believe me, then good for you. My sales from June – October 2011 alone were over $107,000. And my parking revenue has more than doubled since switching from SedoPro to Frank’s Internettraffic at the start of this year.

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