Saturday Afternoon (Hangover) Updates

Good afternoon and happy Saturday! Here are some updates for this fine weekend.

  • I don’t own any .tv domain names, but if you do buy this type of domain name, you might want to check out There is an auction of top .tv domain names right now, including,,, and more.
  • Ever notice when you go out and tell people what you do, there will be someone who mentions how they had the chance to buy great generic domain names back in the day but for some reason didn’t?
  • I was at a party last night and met an original domain investor. He was the original registrant of,,, Β, and a bunch of other names that he sold several years ago. I was a bit leery of his story as a few other people have mentioned similar things to me in the past that turned out to be false, but when he mentioned that he still owns,, and, the info matched up. He doesn’t consider himself a domain investor.
  • You know it’s a late night when you get home well past midnight and you start receiving your typical morning email notices like drop lists, domain transfer status updates, and Asia-based emails before you go to bed.
  • Some of my new domain acquisitions this month include,,, and (hand registered and developed).
  • As I previously mentioned, I have been working with WhyPark to help increase the revenue on My biggest regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. The site went from making around $1-2/day with Adsense to a projection of over $160 in May (over $5/day). It’s only been up for a 2.5 months or so, but as the site continues to optimize, revenue has been increasing.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliott,

    Thanks for the plug on my .tv names. Also, they are all standard renewal fee between $19-$25. Some I have had since 2000 when they first came out.

    Thanks, Jim

  2. ~You know it’s a late night when you get home well past midnight and you start receiving your typical morning email notices like drop lists, domain transfer status updates, and Asia-based emails before you go to bed.~

    Add to that: The only ones logged in at DBR are the aussies and uk folks πŸ™‚

  3. People spend millions of dollars on lessons from golf pros at every country club, private, and public course.

    It would make a great domain name for a service that connects people with golf pros for lessons or possibly a directory for people to find local golf pros.

  4. Adsense has been terrible lately on developed domains and it kinda pisses me off.

    All that work and pride and google just cuts back publisher adsense revenue until it’s just not worth developing anything.

    So, develop for direct advertisers, not adsense. Park or whypark until you are ready for direct advertisers.

  5. If traffic was mostly from search engines them expect in a month or two to experience a drop in ranking because of whypark automated content.
    You can always put it live again so you can gain your rank and then whypark it once more but I m not sure SE’s will like this if done more than one time.

  6. Ahhh… big El…

    You said something about WhyPark that many people don’t or won’t accept — that Whypark DOES make money for your domains.

    I have 275 NON PERFORMING domains at whypark. I add them slowly, include a custom page, add some original content, not much, and the 275 Whypark domains PPC is now matching 3/4’s of the income I’m receiving from 2000 domains at

    Plus, I put the “TM” mark behind my domain phrases breakdown in the header, and that’s scared a few buyers into quickly buying the domains from me. (This tactic enacted because nobody else can “claim” a generic phrase if I can’t.)

    knock on wood.

    Whypark is a very important part of a domainer’s portfolio, especially if they’re flipping and want to present a website on their domain for the potential buyer to experience as a viable “opponent” viewpoint.

    I’d like to hear more about this from you, El.


  7. @Steven,

    I use Whypark, content, and might try epic. How do those compare with each other would you say?

    I use them to sell domains and it’s picking up on that end but don’t make much revenue though. Like Rob said, the CTR is so bad on people clicking on Adsense

    They is a lot of talk about Epic and Rob Monster is a great guy, but when I ask people for reviews, I can’t get “hard facts” to see if they are making money.

    Thanks, Jim

  8. Elliott,

    Can you share how much time, and $ it has cost you to develop on whypark to enable you to generate the nice recenues you referred to recently


  9. I paid a writer for each article and took my time to post them without a content management system. It took several months and a bit of SEO work, but it ranked #1 for the keyword and for a number of longer tail terms. The site is/was getting a few hundred visits a day but wasn’t making a lot of money. Craig was able to replace the Adsense with WhyPark monetization and it has improved significantly. The content is still all my own, but the placement of links and optimization has been done by WhyPark. This isn’t their standard offering yet and I think its considered a test.

    Craig and his team have been extremely responsive and done a great job with the site.

    I did spend quite a bit of time building the site but that was a learning experience for me.

  10. @Elliot,

    May we know how you plan on monetizing Are you planing on reaching out to local businesses or use AdSense, WhyPark…etc?

    Sorry if I’m asking too much πŸ˜‰

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