Roomi Raises $11m – Guess Its Domain Name


A started up called Roomi has raised $11 million in funding, according to TechCrunch. Roomi helps people find roommates, and it seems to be relatively successful since its introduction in 2015. Although the branding is cute, I don’t think the domain name is very good and it could cause problems as the startup continues to grow.

Roomi can’t be found at Instead, visitors need to go to to find the company’s website.

The exact match domain name has been registered since 2000, and it is being used as a blog. I would imagine it could be helpful for the startup to purchase, although a brandable domain name like has quite a bit of value.

Perhaps a bigger problem for the company is a totally different domain name. As I was writing this article, I accidentally typed Roomie and a couple of times. When I think of the shortened and colloquial version of roommate, the spelling is generally “roomie.” When I visited, I was forwarded to what appears to be a competing website, People who hear about Roomi and visit instead of will be forwarded to a potential competitor or Roomi. It is one thing if a prospective customer lands on a domain name that is much different than what was expected. It is totally different if a prospective customer lands on another website that does something similar. Perhaps prospects who go to won’t even know that it is a different company.

I don’t really know what the company can do to overcome this potential obstacle at this point. Even if Roomi would want to buy, I highly doubt the operator of is going to sell the domain name to what would seem to be a competitor.

App operators sometimes say that the domain name doesn’t matter all that much. In my opinion, people still visit domain names, and I think Roomi’s domain name could be confusing.


  1. IMHO Roomi should rebrand, their name is too similar to Roomie … that could lead to loss of traffic and business.
    This happens when people don’t make a check for “confusingly similar” names before adopting a brand. 🙂

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