Reza Sardeha on the Domain Aftermarket

If 2022 ended today, I would be pleased with the results. Thankfully, the year started off very good for my business. I feel particularly fortunate because I’ve had mid-6 figures in sales fall through after price and terms were agreed upon with fully vetted buyers. Had the year not gotten off to a good start, it would have been demoralizing to experience this.

Since the beginning of June, though, I have noticed a bit of a slowdown. With a little more than 1,500 domain names in my portfolio, though, I have never felt that my results are indicative of the overall domain name aftermarket conditions.

Swetha Yenugula has become well-known for her .XYZ domain name sales and portfolio. Every week, it seems like she’s sharing great domain name sales on her Twitter account. A short while ago, Swetha posted something I can relate to – a quiet June:

Reza Sardeha, CEO and Founder of, replied with some qualitative information about the current state of the aftermarket.

With my smaller portfolio, it can be tough to understand what is systematic and what is just bad luck for me. I appreciate that Reza offered some insight from

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. No slowdown for my domans,they are cooking sizzling hot.
    Every morning when I take a sheet,it is always a good day.
    Every day when we don’t heard the air siren,it is A great day.

    Glory to Ukraine Glory to Ukraine Glory to Ukraine
    Long live Ukraine
    Long live Ukraine
    Long live Ukraine

  2. Yes, there is Slowdown in Domain names Selling, first time I felt so these first ten days in June. All marketplaces, including Afternic, Sedo, Dan are attracting lesser sales, leads and also many payment failures by Buyers.

  3. We just closed a great sale with Andrew Miller repped us and Steve Miholovich of Name Arena repped the buyer. Because of an NDA, we can’t disclose the price. These premium single-word dotCOM sales are like rogue waves. They come barreling out of nowhere because when an enduser decides they want a name that powerful they go straight for it. Totally unpredictable. Doesn’t matter what else is going on in the world because when a name like is paired with the right business model it becomes a license to print money. Same thing happened with our sale. Crickets and then BAM. The same will eventually happen with our others like and

  4. I’m finding people are coming back to domains slowly, .Com especially.
    With NFTs and Crypto crashing, domains offer more stability.
    Summer months are always slow. First 6 months of the year are usually the best for domain sales. 4th quarter is usually good as well.
    Hopefully Namescon will generate some domain sales and interest in August.

  5. Exactly. No offense to the Founder of the .xyz but I read his blog and the belief that .xyz will be dominant in the Web3 era is just hogwash. In order for that to happen you would have to change humans mindset. Human beings are creatures of habit and that is why people click directly on those one & two words .com domains. Just because startups are buying .xyz doesn’t mean it’s popular with end users.

  6. glad some are doing well

    i had super january and march – even 3 vert nice sales on 1 day in january

    lots of offers in may, but none close to asking prices

    a company that secured 88 million in funding in march contacted me about a domain that would have been an upgrade over identical brand to .com – they said they’d have to pass

    turn the page

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