Report: Sold in Bankruptcy Auction for €600,000


XL Airways was a low cost airline that declared bankruptcy and was set to have its assets liquidated. One of the assets the airline owned and used is the valuable two letter domain name. I recall hearing about the bankruptcy filing, but I did not pay close attention to it, nor did I follow along to see what would happen to the domain name. Apparently, the auction for was held earlier today in France.

A NamePros thread this morning caught my attention: “XL.COM SOLD FOR 600,000€.” The thread was started by NamePros member Seb@stien. I reached out to Sebastian to see if he could provide more information and a source for this news, and he shared a couple of files that showed where the auction was scheduled to be held in Paris this morning. I looked up the auction house in Google, and I found what appears to be the landing page for the auction.

I do not speak French, but I saw an email address on the auction landing page, and I sent an email asking, “Did the domain name sell at auction? Can you please share the sale price?” Shortly after sending the auction, I received a reply confirming that the domain name sold for 600 000€ (approximately $660,951 USD at today’s exchange rate). From what I can tell, it looks like there is a selling fee of 14.4%. Assuming that is added to the €600,000 price, the final price of would appear to be €686,400. At today’s exchange rate, the total sale price is approximately $756,334 USD.

If Ron Jackson is able to independently confirm this sale, as it will likely be one of the top domain name sales of 2020.

Considering was sold for $1.15 million in 2018, the reported price of seems exceptional. Assuming this is accurate and nothing is lost in translation, this is a heck of a deal for the buyer once it closes.


  1. The sale is confirmed by a trusted french newspaper. The sale was in a lot of domains, logos and trademarks. All of them were owned by former company xl airways. Among the domains:,,, & many more.
    The buyer is still unknown.

  2. I don’t think it was under market value. Wholesale price at wholesale venue. Market seems to be highish 6 figs for or around $1 million for names with clear secondary meaning like and was a huge outlier.

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