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I use WordPress on a number of my websites because it’s an easy platform to manage. There are thousands of programmers and designers who use WordPress, and likewise, there are thousands of great plugins (both free and inexpensive) that can help a developer customize a website. IMO, it makes web development less expensive and less time consuming than a custom content management system.

I was having a chat with my web developer last night, and he recommended that I check out Code Canyon to see the WordPress plugins that are sold on site. I had heard of the site before because of its affiliation with, but I hadn’t really visited or looked around. Not only is The Events Calendar plugin I use on and for sale on the site (I had discussed it before), but there are plenty of other great scripts and plugins as well.

Frequently, Mike has to make modifications to free plugins to better suit my needs, but sometimes enhanced plugins, that do what I want out of the box, are available on Code Canyon for a few dollars, which is obviously better than paying an hourly rate for customization. As much as Mike doesn’t mind getting paid extra to do extra work, he has (more than) enough on his plate right now to keep him very busy!

Code Canyon has everything from enhanced contact forms, to jquery code, to advertising platforms, and everything else in between. Yes, some of the links contain affiliate code, but Code Canyon is something my developer uses and a site I will continue to monitor to find great WordPress plugins.

Usually, I come up with ideas for my websites based on things I’ve seen elsewhere, and I leave it to Mike to find the plugin or script to make it work. Now, I will look at the plugin options first and ask him to implement them on site. It’s a good way to save time and money.


  1. Elliot, try the “go codes” plugin for the affiliate codes above. Good way to track the clicks through wordpress panel and hide the ugly aff links.

    By the way I love the idea of selling wordpress plugins. Going to have a second look now.


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