PornHub Launches BangFit on New gTLD Domain Name

According to an article on TechCrunch, “PornHub is launching a new fitness system (wearable + workout videos) called BangFit.” From a domain name perspective, the most interesting aspect of the article is the domain name that Porn Hub chose for its BangFit product.

Instead of using  the exact match, which is listed for sale on, the company is using the new gTLD Bang.Fit. In addition, if you navigate through the site, you will see that participants are also directed to “GO TO BANGFIT.MOBI ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.”

The .Fit domain name extension is operated by Minds and Machines, and it is relatively small with fewer than 10,000 registrations according to I would imagine this will be the most popular .Fit domain name!

I will be interested to see if the company opts to purchase or if it will continue with these alternative domain names. I am also interested to see if companies in the domain registry business refer to this example of a major web-based company using a non-com domain name.


Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. They are probably spending hundreds of thousands of dollars launching this new business, so it seems crazy they don’t want to spend $1995 (or maybe less if negotiatiated) to get the .com version, even as just a backup in case the .fit domain does not work out.

  2. Why they need the com if they have the exact match , of course they can get it latter but there is no need to change since they have launched the promo with the ngtld ? Why confusing people ! After launch ? Now They have to concentrate on the product

    That can Also be very interesting to make some studies to see ! If it can prevent diseases or not !

    Anyway the music and overall video is fantastic, good advertising for .fit

    • because they could of got it for 2000 bucks or so and covered their bases. when they have so much invested into the product it makes no sense to not get .com even if it will just be a redirect. now they’ll have to pay a lot more for it if they want it.

    • Yes, it’s the point based of that great marketing and quality of the promo, they took the right decision to get that fancy domain, they don’t need other extensions , maybe the com but if they have started on the new one why go back ? Also if they will get the com or net they will likely redirect it to the main site, so …

    • lol, i mean the name describes very well the purpose, the main point is to prove that this works and people health is going to be better ( less fat, better cardio .. etc)

  3. Guys, why are you acting like everyone must have the stupid .com
    Many successful companies have made it through with .net and other extensions.

    Do you even think they do not know that the .com is available for sale, not to mention their ability to buy it without even negotiating.

    They simply do not need it, they are not bothered about it even been used or hold by others. they are making a smart move like , the billionaire guy did not even bother to inquire about the .com either. why ? simple, they both do not need the .com , they are moving along with the new trend, to what fits their taste and what makes sense and brand for their site.

    where is now ? nowhere. where is now ? ranked 1st on google (1st). it is a developed website and as google said, it is not about .com .whatever , it is all about the content of your website.

    Got it ? move along like you moved with your smart phones and apps. pc to laptop to ipad.

  4. Another point:

    Bang.Fit is not it shorter, meaningful and more brandable that ? is not it more specific of its business. i think .com is more suitable for companies but when it comes to specific type of business, you just need the matching extension that defines your niche and that is what new gtlds are all about.

    Does not SmartCatch.Fish is telling you exactly what business they are running ?

    Did not all .Travel websites ranked top in google. most countries names are using .Travel now instead of .com

    Search a few countries names in google and see what comes out from google :

    Example: google Germany, what do you see ?

    you see: Germany.Travel and you won’t see
    Egypt.Travel is there, i can’t see

    Not to mention that is a developed and an aged website so who is the winner now ? .com is dying but very slowly.

    Same goes for : colombia, malaysia , capetown, sanfrancisco, srilanka, chile, peru and so many moreeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Note, you do not need to search 2 words country+travel, just the country name ONLY. imagine you search both as keywords?

    Last point. if is not a developed website soon, it will be useless as a parked page. sooner or later people will know which site to visit directly. if not they will simply get it with a simple search which %90 of online people do. they simply search google and a few people type the domain in their browsers. do not you agree. i am someone who bookmark the sites i want to visit later and never bother to search for it again.

    So guys. calm down and look at new generations and start to understand that a new business especially the one with a small budget will go for the gtlds. if you need examples, look at the beautiful newly developed websites under gtlds. ok ok i will give an example and you go find the rest.

    Pay.Cards ,, smart guy, he did not have to pay a huge amount to buy the .com from greedy domainers like yourselves. he did not even bother about the .com , he put his money into developing his website, enriching his business with a fantastic domain name. if you ask me ? is much much much more meaningful that

    By the way, i am not a domainer and i am not even bothered about the whole domain business BUT i am one of many who like the new stuff that comes with a change, innovation and trend.

    If you keep looking under your foot, you won’t see what is a head of you.

    • I am a business man in a totally different field.

      By the way, i did not use my real email address here. i usually type any email address to simply leave a comment on something that catches my attention online.

      Do not take it seriously, it is only a personal opinion anyway.

    • I forgot to say or answer your curiosity of how i know so much about domains when i am not in the business.

      The answer is simple; i like to read online (DAILY) about interesting stuff. and that is where i get the knowledge about other markets, countries, people, business, websites, data and everything.

      BUT i am not like others. i do not simply beleive what others are saying about a trending business. i spend a little more time investigating online and i usually come to the same conclusion every time, it is all deception. i enjoy laughing on what domainers are saying online to shrink the market where they want it just to sell what they have in stock.

      The right move of the business is being fought for survival. you simply do not want others to buy an apartment because you want to sell them your villa.

      The funniest thing about this business is MAKE OFFER !! what ? you are selling something and you do not have a price tag ? you dreaming of me saying $10k then you say NO, i am looking to sell it for $20k !! LOL

      Everything should be priced accordingly. either with a fixed price OR with a negotiable tag (which i recommend). just like you sell your car or house. then and only then, the market will be more transparent. everyone knows what his domain actually worth, right? but dreaming to strick the jackpot. that is where you do not actually make sales.

      People do not like to be intimidated by others or forced to pay high prices. SO price your domains REASONABLY and you will find more interesting parties. if you do not, people will seek alternatives. knwoing that the market is hugely being expanded by new gtlds and better options to choose from, and you will stuck with renewals.

      In our case here, i see 3 guys :

      Winner: domain seller who make $2k+ over $50 registration cost.

      Smart: website developer who spend around $50 for his business name.

      Loser: domain buyer who bought and dream to sell the name for higher price KNOWING that the new company was not even interested in it at the first place but believing they will come back to his .com not seeing that things being or better saying has already moved into another direction.

      In the end, it is my personal opinion and point of view. others may see things differently and i might be wrong.

    • Mann DD, Mostly spot on. It’s great to hear an opinion from an “observer”.
      As “other” gtld’s become more widely used by the most astute tech trend setters .com will become “dated” just like about everything on the planet becomes at some point.
      It would be absurd to suggest .com is an exception, but it can be transformed. I believe .com will retain value as a “Legacy” rather than a “preferred”.
      It appears is “preferred” rather than an “alternative” to
      I have read the word “preferred” in several articles regarding the end-users choice of a new gtld.
      Short, specific or memorable is the new king. The emerging preferred “alternative” to the pricey investment grade domain. The current pricing by all suggests this. I agree MAKE OFFER is not user friendly, inconsistent with the entire business world and should be abandoned as a business model. Even illegal business’s have stated pricing.;)

      What Mann DD is missing is the emerging commodity investing market and other “Short” domains +extensions. A transition point, new verticals for a maturing market, not necessarily greedy domainers or registries. If it sticks, the long view, REITS! DIGITAL PROPERTY FUNDS! SECURITIES STATUS! Cheers to China for the push toward commodity investing in domains.

      WHD.Global is a great inside industry example. .GLOBAL!
      May 25-26, 2016, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, Arizona
      “How Market Leaders Adapt to Changes in the Hosting Business”

      What I struggle with the most is “How Market Leaders aren’t Adapting to Changes in the Domain Business” and a digital property branding industry’s significant resistance to re-brand at this pivot point. It’s been 25 years and the larger market still does not resonate with the word “name” as a destination.
      A domain is more than just a “name”. It’s a digital location, location, location, with significant revenue potential! The value of any “location” developed or not.
      The digital landscape isn’t going away, digital business isn’t going away. The best most valuable location according to the end-user is here to stay.

      There are very few articles about an end-user’s success switching from an “.other” gtld to a .com, yet every week I see an article about end-users using new gtld’s in place of .com, Established, intelligent, successful end-users. It’s not likely at this time in digital history for a “trend” of size and momentum to fade away and revert back to just .com, .net, .org. not to mention the inability of the “originals” to accommodate and sustain the growth of all industries globally or the emerging digital commodity market.

      Cheers to Bang.Fit for not giving a rat’s -ss about, Cheers to it’s customers for being intelligent enough to get to the “preferred” rather than “alternative location” without the assistance of .com or a search engine.

    • Another example that made me go crazy is the website

      WOW what a great company with a fabulous website loaded with many cities, all taking the .buzz extension. that you can call killing 2 birds with 1 stone. alternative and preferred both together.

      I got to know about it by change when i was watching american show called (Wheel of Fortune) and guess what, the advertiser on the show for those vacation trips was , it means that gtlds are being promoted on tv shows now and sponsoring vacations. it also means that gtlds are being or slowly getting to be known and recognized by the public every where.

      Where is ? it is not seen anywhere because it is a parked page, looking for an offer LOL, price your domains guys, again price your domains accordingly and reasonably, no one like to buy fish swimming in the sea, they want to buy it in a plastic bag.

      Well, it is the same story. the .buzz guys did not bother either about the .com for their huge business. every domainer out there will look at it as a strange thing while i see it a very cool thing. it is the choice they made not the choice you want just because you are narrow minded thinking that your .com will remain king for ever. yes it is still a king in someway but until when ? every body dies.

      The most amazing thing is when you google travel buzz. you get to see as No 1 while there are so many other websites carrying the same keywords but they are not ranked as No 1 like .buzz

      So the question is, WHY ? the answer is simple, the .buzz website is so rich in everything and that is why it has got itself in high ranking even above old and developed websites with the same 2 keywords travel buzz, even they are in different extensions including .com

      Some might argue that i am siding the gtlds and fighting the .com , well i am not, i am clearing points here and not making judgments but expressing valuable analysis of the market as i see it from my own perspective.

      Good luck everyone.


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