Poll: Are You Using “NameJet Classic”?


At the end of November, NameJet underwent a website overhaul, and the new design was launched. I’ve become more accustomed to the design and found it to be easier to save searches. On the top of the site, there is a link to return to the “Classic” look, which had been the primary design since inception.

I’ve only visited the Classic design a few times, but in speaking with a couple of colleagues who are also active bidders, it seems that there may be a number of people continuing to use the previous site design as their primary means of accessing NameJet. I am curious how prevelent this is, and I’ve added a poll below to see.

If you are using the Classic site, would you mind giving your insight about why you’re doing this? NameJet did not ask me to post this, nor do they advertise or compensate me for writing anything.

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  1. I’m using the Namejet classic because I like basic web interfaces. I hate web designs what becomes too hard to navigate ot bloated with graphics. Just remember the Sedo, they have superb and easy navigated interface and then they decided to update, after that absolutly all become worse, many domainers left the trading system.
    They didn’t left the chance to use previous web interface in parallel with new one. I like the Namejet because they keep classic version up and running. For example deleting names in old interface is much simple than in new one, especially if you have many pages of names.

  2. I was using Classic until recently because the new interface wasn’t showing many of the names up for auction. I didn’t say anything publicly because it benefited me. When I finally told Namejet they fixed it. Most people weren’t affected because they use dropday, protrada, and freshdrop type programs and the data came through that way. Either way, it’s fixed now but I had a little advantage for a few weeks. And who says I can’t hold anything to myself? 🙂

  3. “I’m using the Namejet classic because I like basic web interfaces”

    Namejet classic is better! We like it. Easy and usefull…

    To be honest we dont like new Namejet graphics at all!

    And I am wondering how come Namejet like it, lol!?

  4. Count me as one of those domainers still using NJ Classic. The new design loaded too slowly for me so I went back to the original.

  5. Don’t mind the new interface over all, but it broke my scripts for the site. One thing I don’t like though is the end time of the auctions is only displayed in the form of “1d 7h 12m” not as an absolute value.

  6. This is the first time am hearing about Namejet classic and really loved it,.thanks as am a newbie and just started online marketing few days back, helpful info as this is always appreciated. keep them coming.

  7. The new NJ is an eyesore. The graphics are too bright.

    They also don’t seem to show drops by date anymore, just the amount of days left before the auction. That sucks!!!

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