Poll: 8.Club vs. 1.XYZ

There are two new gTLD domain name auctions on the horizon, and both auctions have at least one domain name that is likely to draw significant bidding interest. I am curious about which you think will sell for more money.

Later on this month, 4.cn will be hosting an auction featuring .Club domain names. All of the auction lots are two number .Club domain names, with the exception of one: 8.Club. It seems like .Club domain names have been selling quite well to Chinese domain investors, and 8 seems to be their favorite character.

Also later on this month, West.cn will be hosting an auction featuring .XYZ domain names. .XYZ domain names have also been selling very well to Chinese buyers. The headlining domain name in this upcoming auction is 1.XYZ.

In the poll below, vote which domain name will sell for more money:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • i am working on it…

      when Chen Mingyu get her first date,
      i guess the public will understand the value of the new extensions…

      life is changing
      it is just a matter of time

      close your eye,s and listen :

      .com just sounds like complicated

      look on your keyboard

      find .com
      find .top

      what is easier to find ?

      i like the new extensions
      and i hope the general public ( 99 % ) will follow me

      where did you get this number ( 99% ) from ?


    • Michael Ehrhardt ,

      LeosClub.com makes more sense because it needs no explanation.

      Leos.Club will have to be explained EACH and EVERY time it is mentioned.

      No explanation or education needed with .COM.

      .COM is totally ingrained in the public’s mind. It is THE KING !

    • Glenn

      i guess you think in english ( english is a west germanic language )
      so you think in german ( the term german come,s from julius caesar )

      nobody need,s a King…

      do you have in America a King ?
      can you imagine to live with a King ?

      for what ?

      you are just afraid because you got a lot of .com,s …

    • That’s exactly my question Eliot. How would the value of (let’s say) REAL.ESTATE compare to REALESTATE.COM? My guess is that any advertising for real.estate would only drive traffic to realestate.com and that would reduce the value of the domain. Do you agree? And by how much?

      If that’s true, is it really worth investing in these NGTLDS?

    • I think 8.club beats 1.xyz because .club is a meaningful extension. But here’s the real question…What’s more valuable: 8.CLUB or 8CLUB.COM? Like my real estate example (posted above), which one passes the radio test? If you heard 8.club being advertised the radio, would you type in 8club.com and give your business to the wrong website?

    • Bret and all others…

      Radio test is a good question

      .com sounds like complicated or combucha

      i am geman , .com means nothing to me ( in germany we use .de )
      and in germany are great sales…

      .com is not a location
      .com is not america
      .com is boring

      the new extensions are a shortcut to your website
      the next generation ( Chen Mingyu ) grow up with all this nice new NGTLDs

      if your business is exclusive media
      then exclusive.media is much better than exclusivemedia.com ( complicated )

      if you have a night club
      than night.club is much better than nightclub.com

      what sounds better :

      linked.international ?

      i guess since Google got abc.xyz the Internet is finally changed

      ABC.xyz ( Alphabet )
      GC.xyz (Google Capital)
      GV.xyz (Google Ventures)

      A.xyz (Alphabet)
      C.xyz (Calico)
      G.xyz (Google)
      N.xyz (Nest)
      Y.xyz (YouTube)
      X.xyz (X)

      ( The Cambrian explosion, or less commonly Cambrian radiation, was the relatively short evolutionary event… )

      to be continued…

    • It’s probably much more the 99% of the American public too, but nonetheless probably more know what .club is now than know what .us is.

    • >” because .club is a meaningful extension.”

      That’s part of it – meaningful.

      The main thing is the significance of # 8 in China, and China’s size and place on the world stage.

      .xyz is just a “gimmicky” extension that caught a faddish wave of good fortune for the time being. People would do well to cash in early on any .xyz popularity now.

      And no – 8Club.com is not important, though perhaps could be of interest to those in China as well, unless and only unless there was an “8 Club” entity elsewhere that had a need for it.

      So yes – 8.Club is far more valuable than 8Club.com barring the “unless” elements above.

  1. .CLUB – the ideal domain extension for the social world we live in. The Internet has connected us in ways we never dreamed of. Everyday, communities and groups are forming around every imaginable interest. Whether a tribe of 2 or 2000, there’s never been a better, easier time for people to come together around a common passion. There’s never been a better time to be a part of a club. Now you can get the perfect .club address

    a URL that has meaning and marketing value…

    a URL that immediately tells the world you are about people sharing a common interest, whatever that passion may be.

  2. Remember the excitement the first time you typed a web address into your browser?

    It’s time to get excited again. With the new web addresses (also known as new gTLDs)

    such as .bid or .club or .top the internet is becoming more diverse, more personalized and more fun!

    • That statement does have merit, but the problem is first people simply knowing they exist yet, like with .US available since 2002.

  3. Difficult to tell, 8.club seems to have a great deal more attractive SLD for Chinese domainers, while 1.xyz has more generic value. Anyway, each one will make a biggie!

    • .com is the measure of all things ?

      no way

      4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch ‘.com’ for Good

      One of the first steps entrepreneurs take when jumping into startup life is setting up a company website. But then reality strikes: Most find that their dream “.com” names have been taken, or else are being held by brokers looking to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to release even the most mediocre domain.

  4. So let’s see here – .ws, .co, in ,xyz are selling like crazy right now with their resale value rising like a rocket. Yet, .club is a bad extension? o let’s take a look… 30,000 .club names regged by EEJE group, 5,000+ number .club, same group, commitment to build 10,000 .club sites by one of the top domainers in China, etc etc. Has anyone said that about any other extension in the past 6-months?

    Don’t take my word for it, look at the trend. yijie.com is now auctioning the 30,000 + 4-l domains they bought. Ye, .com is king but good luck finding wagering.com when you can buy wagering.club. Any name, including .com needs branding. You just need 1 or 2 popular TV commercials with .club in it and its over. I like .xyz and own some, however I bought 200 4l .club names at GD for $1 a name. A $200 investment can turn into $4-5k in less than a year. We all have opinions, but follow the trend and the money.

    • Well we all have our own opinions. I agree you don’t see aftermarket activity now. Why would the Chinese buy and auction .club domains? They are far smarter than we are in terms of business. I am not hear to convince anyone… I love .com myself and always will. However, I cannot ignore watching the movement on .club with the heavyweight domain kings buying and auctioning .club names. Like any extension, it takes time. Okay buy me if you folks think .club is garbage. I am a believer based on the fact(s) that the top domain kins in China are putting time and money into this extension.

      I have several factual articles at my blog but I know you don’t allow a link to it.

    • There is no argument there at all; if you are doing well with .com, you have no need of the other. But it’s still not either/or, but both/and. The answer and the wisdom lies with Old El Paso taco shell girl. If you go to the Old El Paso taco shell girl you find the answer:

      And if I knew how to make the embedded video appear here I would do that.

  5. Elliot,

    This is an excellent poll question and I had a tough time deciding which one might sell higher. I think it’ll be very close but I threw in a vote for 1.xyz yielding a higher price. I believe both could very well end up in the $50k-$100k range.

    • That’s where you’re wrong; the use is limitless if you think outside the box and realize that “club” has meaning beyond literal “clubs.”

  6. by total
    by increase
    .TLD Domains + Today
    1 .xyz 2,546,499 2,705
    2 .top 1,613,800 3,533
    3 .wang (net) 1,058,340 -82
    4 .win 818,348 171
    5 .club 712,123 686
    6 .网址 (web address) 341,034 processing – data available soon
    7 .science 338,959 33
    8 .site 322,327 579
    9 .bid 307,030 554
    10 .red 302,550 150
    11 .link 298,473 -62
    12 .ren 289,161 308
    13 .party 230,665 100
    14 .click 199,799 -123
    15 .loan 192,681 1,342
    16 .online 192,288 776
    17 .date 171,000 399
    18 .website 146,034 294
    19 .space 129,954 267
    20 .kim 109,623 200
    21 .work 97,221 56
    22 .lol 91,379 20
    23 .webcam 79,649 161
    24 .tech 75,350 336
    25 .realtor 73,630 27
    26 .nyc 73,590 -2
    27 .review 68,612 33
    28 .news 67,892 230
    29 .guru 65,858 13
    30 .rocks 61,664 54
    31 .london 61,504 5
    32 .berlin 58,790 13
    33 .email 54,521 processing – data available soon
    34 .ninja 52,788 11
    35 .one 51,444 24
    36 .photography 51,201 -91
    37 .today 49,327 51
    38 .trade 49,178 627
    39 .公司 (business organisation) 48,593 -25
    40 .help 46,287 -13
    41 .tokyo 46,207 14
    42 .faith 45,861 131
    43 .solutions 45,642 23
    44 .company 44,259 28
    45 .download 44,190 31
    46 .pub 43,214 11
    47 .ovh 42,646 25
    48 .property 40,971 2
    49 .pink 40,375 4
    50 .blue 40,139 867
    Top 10 Fastest Growing gTLDs
    How is this calculated?
    .TLD 7 day avg [?] pos [?]
    1 .wang (net) 60112
    2 .kim 8265
    3 .ren 6947
    4 .lol 4422 1
    5 .top 3932 1
    6 .red 3763
    7 .pink 3676
    8 .xyz 3220
    9 .link 2490 1
    10 .win 2467 1
    11 .blue 2041
    12 .loan 1198 3
    13 .gift 1178 1
    14 .online 1149 1
    15 .club 1048 1
    16 .site 946 4
    17 .ink 923
    18 .website 684 1
    19 .bid 614 1
    20 .click 613
    21 .cloud 589 2
    22 .date 554 1
    23 .gold 544 1
    24 .accountant 535 2
    25 .tech 496
    26 .世界 (world)

  7. This was very well said by Michael:

    .CLUB – the ideal domain extension for the social world we live in. The Internet has connected us in ways we never dreamed of. Everyday, communities and groups are forming around every imaginable interest. Whether a tribe of 2 or 2000, there’s never been a better, easier time for people to come together around a common passion. There’s never been a better time to be a part of a club. Now you can get the perfect .club address

    a URL that has meaning and marketing value…

    a URL that immediately tells the world you are about people sharing a common interest, whatever that passion may be.”


    And it goes beyond and transcends that, as I have written here before.

    It’s about thinking outside the box, which it seems too few people do sometimes, especially in the case of this domain.

    The irony is that although they may not see it now because of not thinking outside the box, they nonetheless practice it themselves and encounter it among others regarding the term “club.”

    In a way similar to how the term “gold” is vastly more applicable to every generic topic under the sun, in which people not only encounter such use of it almost daily, and even use the term themselves – beyond merely the literal consideration of the mineral gold itself – the same applies to the term “club.

    So even though some who look at this domain and for some reason do not thinking outside the box may have a knee jerk reaction in which they think its use is limited, they will nonetheless turn around and that very week come across common every day use of the term “club” to apply to anything and everything, like:

    “Welcome to the club!” (To refer to virtually anything.)

    “Join the club!” (To refer to virtually any topic other than a literal club.)

    “Congratulations on joining the motherhood club, Rachel!” (To refer to the obvious there.)

    “Well I’m glad I finally joined the business entrepreneurship club, folks!” (To refer to the obvious there.)




    And on top of all that, not only will the same people hear or read that in its various forms, but some of them will even be doing it themselves without realizing it or how it applies to and illustrates the vast and limitless generic usefulness and applicability of the term “club” in .Club when you only take a moment to think outside the box and notice and reflect on this reality of common everyday thought and use.

    When you do that, it is then a no brainer the size of Mt. Everest because it was staring at you the whole time.

    And for those who recognize that every day reality because they do think outside the box instead of only ever stuck inside the box that a few have assigned to them, then it’s “welcome to the club!” and let the games begin.

    • And p.s. – For those who support “.xyz,” it would also be a case of Negari and friends being perfectly normal and appropriate with respect to common thought and use to exclaim “welcome to the XYZ Club!” without it ever being a literal club at all, ever. Get the picture? 🙂

    • Well Michael, you may have made a nice well expressed post about .club that I was happy to quote, but take a friendly word of advice here: you just made a huge trademark violation mistake with that registration and you better discard that domain as soon as possible. Ask Namecheap to delete the domain immediately. 888 is an industry giant and you would do well to take note of that.

    • John,

      i fight the German Olympic Team ( Thomas Bach ) President of the Olympic Committee ( they stole my Idea )

      i fight Micargi ( China Bike ) for 4 years and i won !

      may they come…

      888 a trademark ? no way …

  8. Xyz means “little swallow”, and “sister in law / XiaoYiZi” in Pinyin. The second meaning is more often mentioned in Chinese domaining community. Welcome to check with any Chinese domainers about this. So if 1.xyz is worth anything in China, it’s for the sake of it being a one number domain.

    Club is not a difficult word, so some Chinese will understand it. Although Chinese are not quite party/club type of people, .club is relatively better than .xyz in Chinese domaining personally, but still much less appealing than .top.

  9. 8.club and 1.xyz are both great.
    1.xyz might be sold for more money.
    There are only 8 extensions have got Chinese MIIT licences, .com, .top, .wang, .cn, .citic, .ren, .网址, .商标.
    .club and .xyz have not got the MIIT licences yet.
    .xyz registry said they might get it in a few months. It might have a positive effect on the value of .xyz. But who knows.

  10. Chinese investors occupy most in the domain market, so 8 is more popular among the investors. But the value fo the domain is not only decided by numbers, but also by the extension in the market. As we all know .xyz spots the 1st place among new gTLD. So it is hard to say which one can sell more money. It is up to the investors’ taste ^_^

  11. 8.club and 1.xyz are both great.
    But both of them have not got the Chinese MIIT licences now. There are only 8 extensions that got the licences, .com, .top, .cn, .wang, .ren, .citic, .商标, .网址.
    .xyz registry said they might get the licence in a few months. So 1.xyz might be sold for more money.
    But who knows.

  12. .Club runs the most auctions, .xyz gives away the most domains for free.

    .Club 65.2% registrations are from China, .xyz 59.5% from China. (namestat.org)

    But neither of them have put on record with Chinese MIIT: http://www.miit.gov.cn/n11293472/n11295276/n16735878/16866521.html.
    Only .cn, .top, .wang,.ren, .citric, etc can be used in China.

    The Chinese domainers buy almost every extension with good keyword. No surprise if both the 8.club and 1.xyz result in biddings at whooping prices.


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