Offering 4 Sponsored Articles for PMC


I am still a ways away from my Pan-Mass Challenge fundraising goal of $12,500. In an effort to hit the mark, I am offering four sponsored articles on for $750/each donated directly to my Pan-Mass Challenge fundraiser. To give additional exposure, I will also promote the article with a sponsored headline on the day the article is published.

I do not sell (or give away) sponsored articles on any sort of regular basis, so this is the chance to share your company’s announcement, perspective, or commentary about domain names or a domain industry topic. You can see how GoDaddy and Paul Nicks used a sponsored article in 2015 to write about women in the domain industry.

The rules are pretty simple:

– The article will be clearly marked as a sponsored article with a mention of the donation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
– The article will be written by you or your company.
– The article needs to be published within six months, unless you and I agree to extend.
– I have final editorial control to reject an article (For instance, I am not going to accept an article about religion or politics).

I have only offered this a handful of times in the past 12 years, and the funds have always gone towards a worthy cause like Dana-Farber. If your company would like a sponsored article on, let me know in the comment section. With your help, I will hit the fundraising mark this year!

Update: Three headlines available.


  1. Hi Elliot. I’ll take one spot if you’ll kindly agree to offer up to 1 year to publish article instead of 6mo. If agreed please email me further details along with payment info.

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