New York City Earthquake Update


Apparently there was an earthquake in DC this afternoon, and it was felt up in New York City and Boston. I was at a lunch meeting with a domain investor friend in town for Affiliate Summit, and we didn’t feel anything.

When I left the restaurant to walk home, I saw people on their cell phones and from their varying conversations, I was able to determine that people felt an earthquake in the city. It’s scary to try and use a phone and get the message that all circuits are busy.

This sounds crazy, but I’ve always been curious about what an earthquake feels like. Guess I missed my chance to know.  Maybe next week in San Francisco (just kidding… no earthquake please).


  1. I’m in Ottawa, Canada and I felt something. Since no one else in my office said anything, I thought I was just having a dizzy spell/feeling light headed (even though I feel 100% healthy and fine)

    Then a few minutes later I hear there’s an earthquake in DC that was felt up and down the eastern seaboard (So I guess I’m not dying after all!)

    We had a similar sized earthquake here last year and our cell networks got overloaded pretty quick. It’s amazing how helpless you feel when you can even make a simple phone call

  2. I was on a flt from LA to NYC and we were diverted to Buffalo until JFK reopens. Looks like the detour sets me back a couple hours but I won’t be late for our dinner, Elliot. 🙂

  3. “Wouldn’t that be awful to have a hurricane and earthquake at the same time?”

    Well, the earthquake passed with no damage and the hurricane is days away. I am not too concerned about either.

  4. Felt it here in California as well.

    Wait a minuted. Looks like that was actually a rift in the Force.

    Darth, is that you playing games again?

    Drats! Where’s Skywalker when you need him?

  5. It was so crazy to have an earthquake on the east coast!! Thank goodness that damage was minimal!! While I was waiting for phone service to come back up, I flipped through NYMag and saw the site for City Maps in their approval matrix (under highbrow and brilliant). Checked it out and is actually is!!>City Maps ~ good thing to have access to in case of emergency, listing all of the contact #s, locations and everything else in the city!!

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