New Landing Pages Usher in Uniregistry Market Roll Out

I was making sure one of my landing pages had the proper keywords showing when I saw that updated their parked pages. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the blue hue. Here’s a screenshot of one of my domain names that is parked at DNS:

New DNS Landers

The bright green  “for sale” bar at the top of the landing pages is now blue, and the font on the landing page is also in blue. Clicking through on the “for sale” link brings you to the DNS offer page, which does not appear to have changed (at least not yet).

I reached out to Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling to ask about the landing pages, and he told me that these changes are just a small part of the new Uniregistry Market, which is currently deploying. He asked that customers show a bit of patience while all of these changes to marketplace roll out.

I am eager to check out Uniregistry Market once it is fully deployed. I am also interested to see how the new landing pages impact leads on my domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Looks like the “Get Free Price Quote” is still there. It’s the last bastion of freebie seekers and lowballers. Let’s hope that they provide an option to edit exactly that line as needed.

  2. I have about 500 people from India waiting for a free price quote, because someone promised them one.

    Get rid of it asap!

    What does have to do with uniregistry, it’s a enom registered domain parked at dns?

    To much cross promotion can get people confused, or feel they are being sold into something else. Yes, it’s great free advertising, but still need to stick to certain basics of trying to sell the buyer the domain at hand, and not a $2 gtld alternative which many brokers recommend on so called dead deals.

    • Yes, I understand you own it, but it is not registered at uniregistry, I see enom registration, with dns parking.

      Are you involved in beta for uniregistry market?

      Reviewing some of my inquiries on dns I have noticed brokers recommend buyers hand register a domain at uniregistry if they are unwilling to buy the domain they came for on the landing page.

      So that is why I review this as a fine line, for cross promotion when I see uniregistry links on the bottom.

      It is all dandy they get the word out, but it is a slippery slope for sure as you want the lead target domain the client came for to be the only priority.

    • Sorry if there is any confusion. I went to check out to make sure the keywords are set correctly when I noticed the new landing pages. I did not change anything within my account nor did I sign up for anything.

      With so many people using DNS and so many domain names parked there, I thought it was notable and worth mentioning since it would appear to be a change across the board.

      Yes – I agree with you about the lead generation. If things change for the worse, we all have the option to use a different service provider.

  3. On another note I brought a lot of my domains over from godaddy, to Unregistry, but now when I sell them the buyer requests them at godaddy so I have to move them back which is fine, but uniregistry does not have a express release feature on transfers. Have to wait 48 hours, which delayes release of escrow, and annoys buyers a bit. Very simple feature to integrate, until they bring something like this on, I have ceased all transfers over to uniregistry.

    • Well one interesting use of Uniregistry market seems to be the bypass of, and the juggling of confirmations that the buyer received the domain, kudos to Uniregistry for this implementation this could be huge given the fee structure…
      Did we mention that we’ll even help you out with credit card payments, wire transfers, and payment plans? We want you to sell your domains as much as you do.

    • Dont see ‘help’ or ‘contact us’ on domain manager dashboard on Uniregistry, thus unable to submit ticket

      DNS dashboard says can edit portfolio on Uniregistry site, dont see edit functionality for text of sales banner, etc.

      A tutorial would be real useful for uniregistry customers being migrated over from dns

    • Agree with you, we are requesting the Express Release feature as well, it’s a MUST for any Registrar which wants to offer at least a decent service.
      Please note that we use Uniregistry as a Registrar, together with GoDaddy, Namesilo, Dynadot,, etc, but we don’t use DNS for parking (we don’t want them using our leads).
      I’ve talked both to Uniregistry support (Judy S) and to Frank Pavilonis, Director of Sales at Uniregistry about the implementation of this basic feature, below you can find their replies:
      Frank Pavilonis told me that “I understand it’s a good benefit to have and I have made the suggestion. Let’s see if I can get some traction on it.”
      Uniregistry support reply: “Manual transfer approval is indeed something we will be implementing soon. I don’t have a specific time frame at the moment but I suspect it will be sometime in the next few months.”
      Hope they will introduce it soon, otherwise we’ll consider moving our names to another Registrar.

  4. When will DNS remove that free quote page?

    Please provide the owners an option to seek only serious buyers who meet minimum price quote.

  5. Is down right now? I noticed the last few days stats have not been available now page doesn’t load for me at all.

  6. I’ve reviewed some of my domains parked with DNS and I sincerely hope that the new landers, as shared by Elliot’s domain, are temporary – or I won’t be a happy camper.

    The headers are gone, and that was a visual element most closely related to the domain. They all display the blue mountain, regardless of the current settings.

    • Disastrous changes. Need I say more?

      1. No variety in visuals.
      2. Forceful inclusion of the Uniregistry brand.
      3. Not for sale domains still get the footer reference of a marketplace inclusion.

      This is one giant leap backwards.

    • Interesting. Always figured the opposite. For instance, if I owned (I don’t) and there are pictures of dolphins rather than football players, it better illustrates that I am not targeting the football team.

    • How so, and what is “risk” exactly? How is Uniregistry claiming these perform better? Is this because visitors get confused by the neutral lander and click randomly hoping to find something?

      That will go away after a while, after millions of web sites sharing the exact same lander get recognized as parked pages. It happened at Sedo, and they had half a dozen landers at the time.

      Why not offer the option to tweak something that differs so drastically from the current (previous) state? Why not offer the ability to pause that visual until the alternative variants and templates arrive?

      The strength of DNS has always been its tweakable landers, more than 1,000 headers.

    • Back in the day when I used Domain Sponsor the best performer out of dozens of choices was the plainest (ugliest) text based lander. DNS has confirmed a lift with this update. Surprised not to have seen more A/B lander testings over the years by them.

    • “Back in the day” – when was that, 2006, 2008? These were the last days of PPC partying and a lot has changed since. Parking revenue is nothing close to what was then. The Internet changed, things turned mobile, no restrictions on bandwidth.

      Change is good only when it doesn’t become an epitaph to things that work just fine. Tweak something too much and it breaks.

    • Garth – I want the option to choose which lander works best for my domain portfolio, per individual domain. I do my own testing and analysis. Makes sense?

    • Not really. A huge time suck for no meaningful benefit.

      Changing the image headers never affected the keywords served (with optimization on).

      Personally would leave it up to the provider to decide what’s best, who sees all network wide.

    • If you like having things decided on your behalf, that’s already a choice right there. I prefer to make my own decisions directly. But thanks for the memories about DomainSponsor.

  7. colors look like shit, but there are deeper problems here.
    Header takes up a 3rd of the screen.
    I can only see 3 ad results on a 27 inch screen forcing me to scroll down for more.
    Why do they have 10 results ?? Cut it down to 5 like everyone else.

    bottom line there is no good reason for the header to take up a 3rd of the screen.

    Whoever designed this, should be shot back to the 20th century.

  8. In a NamePros discussion about how Domain Name Sales already try to push inbound inquiries to sign-up for a Uniregistry account (after they fill in the get a free price quote form), a Uniregistry rep confirmed that anyone who inquires on a Uniregistry Market domain, will need to to sign-up for a Uniregistry account in order to receive a response to their inquiry. In other words, an interested buyer can fill in the “get a free price quote” form, but will NOT be able to receive said price quote until he signs up with a Uniregistry account.

    Their whole platform is moving backwards in so many ways, all to facilitate the UNIREGISTRY platform being pushed to inbound leads.

    I am looking to sell domains. Not to support the expansion of the Uniregistry company.

    I have used DNS as my main sales platform for a long time, but a few months ago I removed all my domains from DNS (mainly due to how the direction they are going with their platform, as well as not wanting my domains to be associated with the conduct of their team of “brokers” – many people inquire on one DNS domain, and then avoid all DNS parked domains after that…). The way things seem to be moving, I’m glad I did, and I doubt I’ll return in the future to use the “Uniregistry Market”.

  9. Everyone who is familiar enough with domain industry understands well the objectives of the platform. They simply need a marketplace which take as much as possible from marketshare. What for? In order to sell their premium newgTLDs. They give out for free a great platform (really great in its roots), in order to get users and domains (read: market share). Then, it’s just a step from suggesting logos with links and a ton of their own premium names. Plus naturally all the database of leads and a ton of opportunities to tweak with various solutions ie. account sign-ups, suggestions of newgTLDs in their main domain search etc. Even if they don’t literally steal leads, market share is a big deal and the best plan to sell their own portfolio. FS is a smart great domainer and he knows very well what he’s doing. “The >apple< of domain industry" hasn't been designed to make users happy, surely not as the first priority.

    Obviously, they can't play too hard with tricks because seasoned domainers will leave immediately and this may disturb in realisation of the plan. At some stage, the platform has changes to be a 'win-win deal' for everyone. But observe and think, don't just read/listen what another press release will say.

    I share Ron's opinion expressed here and I'd afraid to transfer domain names to a company which may have a conflict of interests with clients (assuming that you aren't newG's investor).

  10. By the way, I am not a frequent reader at but I definitely should be because you provide great content Elliot, definitely not a board for PR notes. Personally, I also share a lot of your opinion about the market generally, some of them I remember well over recent months. All the best Elliot!

  11. So you won’t be pointing your domains to Sedo, Afternic or DomainAgents then?

    If you go it alone, the end user doesn’t trust the “unknown” domainer.

    • There are alot of options flippa, bodis,, domain sponsor, afternic, sedo, efty.

      If inquires need to open up a uniregistry account in order to process their inquiry, then it’s game over, I just can’t see DNS/Uniregistry making a play like that against people’s portfolios, and investments.

      I had silently been warned something like this was going to happen, god like powers over undisclosed sales, contact of buyers, and now the ability to get free customers against the basis of alienating leads, and your bottom dollar at the end of the day.

      It is one thing to open an account for a sale, but for a simple inquiry, that is a death trap.

    • Pointing domains elsewhere builds those brands too.

      It may reduce spam leads and reduce friction in the sale (quick payment).

  12. I see lots of unanswered questions, along with many confused souls, maybe time for uniregistry/dns to explain, or debug some of these conclusions above

  13. My new observations from Uniregistry: when I search how shows my own domain name which isn’t set into brokerage by Uniregistry (own brokerage), such domain names apparently have been hidden from search results into “Taken” tab. When you click the tab, the status is: “Registered, may be available to purchase”, like ages ago when registrars didn’t have Premium Distribution programs / MLS etc.
    Previously, even days ago, such names were listed normally as “premium” for sale.

    I see 2 reasons of the changes which apparently have been implemented:
    1. To get 15% commission for broking such names (there are options to inquire). I understand it. There is nothing for free.
    2. To show “selected domains” in the first row (question what will be a “selected domain name”).

    As I was posting couple days ago in comments, there is nothing for free in domaining and shinny Market can’t be a free CRM for all.

    To be clear – IMO it’s absolutely fair to introduce solutions oriented on earning 15% commission from broking. The more that there are marketplaces which take 15% or more for doing generally nothing. So Uniregistry is likely to provide really good value for money and 15% commission.
    My primary concern is related to the priority their own portfolio will have vs. how .com of external users will be presented.

  14. I just checked in the same way a domain name which likely belongs to FS, .com domain name. It isn’t listed in primary search results. The first is …. .link 🙂 The .com is hidden in “Taken” tab.

    For me it’s a clear signal:
    – internal inventory of high quality .com will find buyers anyway (we all know that right buyers can find high quality .com owner easy, without any marketplace or even landing page)

    – external inventory of domainers – we don’t care so much, if something sells 15% is our bonus

    – investment and ROI from newgTLD is the priority, so .link must be at the first position.

    Naturally, I can be wrong in some of this analysis. What do you think?
    I really like all the solutions implemented at Uniregistry but there are many business oriented doubts and how they may affect external portfolios which use their landing pages.

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