Neustar Webinar About Launching .Neustar TLD


Neustar is obviously a big proponent of the new gTLD domain name extensions. Last year, the company launched its .Neustar brand TLD, and its website can now be found at Home.Neustar. In an effort to promote .Brand extensions, the company is hosting a free webinar to share some of the things the company learned when it launched its own extension.

Here are some of the topics the company intends to cover in the webinar, as shared by them:

What technical and operational steps went into our launch
How we built a communications plan for stakeholders around the change
Where we see some of the biggest opportunities and challenges of a .brand transition

There is quite a bit of technical detail and marketing strategy that goes into making a url change. I am sure that launching a website on a new domain name extension adds even more technical elements to the mix. Sharing its learnings is a great way to encourage others, including prospective clients, that the change is manageable.

The free webinar will be held on February 20th, 2018 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. It looks like attendees need to register in advance. I presume the webinar will also be available online after it has concluded. The webinar will be conducted by Tony Kirsch (Head of Professional Services at Neustar) and Barbara Reed (Corporate Website Marketing Manager at Neustar).


  1. Neustar is going to have a very difficult job trying to sell companies on buying more .brand tld’s, it is as dead as a dodo. No usage.

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