NamesCon Seeking Speakers for 2018 Conference


NamesCon put a call out for speakers for the 2018 conference coming up in January in Las Vegas:

Since there are typically several topical tracks during the conference, the speaker positions are most likely not limited to people within the domain name business. In fact, I would imagine NamesCon organizers (and conference attendees) would be interested in welcoming speakers with expertise in tertiarily related businesses and industries. Having speakers discuss new and interesting topics helps keep people engaged and likely draws a wider audience. My guess is that we will see more speakers discuss cryptocurrency, ICO, and other related topics at NamesCon.

The deadline for applying to be a speaker is this Friday (October 13). I do not see a tentative agenda or speaker list on the NamesCon website, so I am not sure who has already confirmed to be speaking (if anyone). If you’re interested in speaking, you should sign up ASAP. Better yet, if you know of someone you would like to hear at NamesCon, you should let them know about the application and deadline.

NamesCon will be held at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas from January 28 – 31.


  1. I think Namescon will be a bust as well for 2 reasons.

    1) Most domainers have entered crypto and more interested in that.

    2) The credibility is this industry is shot, GTLD’s, Namejet shill bidding, etc.

    I went to 2 Namescon, it was fun, but to much BS going on so I am done, and not 1 person I know is going to Namescon this year.

    • There may be fewer people but I don’t think it will be a bust at all. In response to your reasons:

      1) I think “most” is hyperbole. There are many, but not a majority, especially since a large % of attendees are service providers in the domain business.

      2) I don’t think that will be a deterrent to people who have significant domain name investments. gTLDs have been around for several years, and that has been a driver of attendance rather than a deterrent. People are still spending lots of money on NameJet, too.

      I will be at NamesCon barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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