NamesCon Rebrands Event to NamesCon Online


NamesCon is hosting its annual conference in a virtual format this year due to the global pandemic. When the event was announced, it was originally branded as NamesCon 360°. Lately, the branding has shifted away from the 360, and the event is now officially called NamesCon Online. The event website was also updated to NamesCon.Online. I now know why the event and its website were rebranded – it was related to a sponsorship by Radix, the company that operates the .Online registry.

Here’s what I was told about the name change and sponsorship:

“To take domaining around the globe, you have to go online. That’s why NamesCon Online, our first-ever all-digital event, has moved to a new home at!
That’s where you’ll find up-to-the-minute info on our upcoming all-digital conference, as well as links to ticket sales and partnership opportunities.
This email is about a lot more than the new domain name itself, though—much like this industry!

In welcoming Radix as a Diamond Partner, we were able to both name and present our event in the same two words: it’s the ultimate elevator pitch, made possible through the use of an nTLD. “

I think it makes sense for NamesCon and Radix. Domain investors and industry participants know about .Online and a change like this will not be confusing or a distraction. This minor change brings much needed revenue for the conference organizers. Radix also gets a boost by reinforcing its .Online extension to the domain industry. It’s a win/win for both parties without any negative impact that I can see.

NamesCon Online tickets are just $59 this year. I don’t know how much I will participate, but I already bought my ticket. I think it is important to support industry events like this (and no, I am neither a sponsor nor am I sponsored).


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