NamesCon Auction Now Live on GoDaddy Auctions

When I was looking at some upcoming auctions on GoDaddy Auctions last night, I saw a banner advertising the upcoming NamesCon domain name auction:

Although the banner indicates pre-bidding will begin on December 1, the auction page is now loading. When I visited, I was able to see quite a few domain names that will be included in the auction, in addition to the handful of high value names that were already announced. I looked up a handful of the additional names that have been added, and I can see those are all NameFind portfolio names (owned by GoDaddy).

Customers are not able to bid on the auctions yet. The “Continue to Review” button is greyed out and not yet functional. I presume this functionality will be enabled on December 1 as the banner indicates.Update – bidding is now open.

I believe domain name submissions for the auction are still being accepted. The auction is being run in conjunction with Monte Cahn’s Right of the Dot. I know Monte always looks for exceptional domain names with low reserve prices, and I am sure that is still the case.

The NamesCon live auction will be held during the NamesCon Global conference in Austin, Texas on January 30, 2020. I believe pre-bids placed online for domain names that are included in the live auction will be moved over to the live auction floor during the auction. This will allow people who aren’t at NamesCon to place bids via their GoDaddy Auctions accounts. Since not all domain names will be in the live auction, the online auction at GoDaddy Auctions will be the venue for bidding.

I will keep my eye on the NamesCon auction page to see what names are added to the list.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Update – it looks like bids can be placed, but only if they are made on the individual auction pages rather than via the main auction page.

        • Yes we figured if people are coming to the site to check on the domains we might as well let them bid. We thought it would be better to get ahead of a long Holiday weekend where many people are traveling and let people in on the excitement now.
          We are very excited to work with Monte and Right of the Dot as well as Namescon to bring this auction to people. It has historically been the most well known Domain Auction and we look forward to working with Monte and the partners to make this auction the best one yet.

        • We cant see our GoDaddy domains, GoDaddy Domain Manager not opening last 5 days. That is no good. This is nightmare honestly. Please fix it urgently.

        • Ben – did you try to clear your cache or open on a different browser window? My Domain Manager has been working. Sorry you are having difficulty.

        • I did all my best. Used different browsers, different laptops. Different internet providers. All things I did. I did all… But still GoDaddy Domain Manager NOT opening. I cant update my domains, I cant do anything. I cant see my domains. It is nightmare.
          After 18 years with GoDaddy, now I am looking for another registrar, seriously.

  2. Thanks for covering Elliot! Just some clarification for everyone. Yes I am still accepting premium domains for consideration. People can submit here: Super Premium and Premium names at NO and Low reserve have the best chance of getting the most bid interest and the best chances in making the live or extended auctions and ultimately being sold. Typically those names sell for more than expected due to higher bidding competition and quality of those domains.

    As you know, I have sold tens of millions of dollars in these domain industry auctions. 53% of the names are sold to end users rather than domainers!

    I chose to work together with GoDaddy for several obvious reasons. They are the domain industry market leader, have a huge and successful marketing engine, they have some great names in their owned and operated portfolio that are perfect to market for this event, their customer base is made up small, medium and large businesses looking for great names for their online branding, they also own NamesCon through their acquisition of Host Europe Group, and they have a great sales team to work with to make this auction as successful as possible as its in everyone’s best interest to do so.

    ROTDs Pre-bidding and Extended auctions will be taking place thorugh We will be running the live auction at NamesCon in Austin, TX on January 30th at 4 pm CST. I will be using a brand new live and online auction platform this year provided by our partners at Proxibid for tracking in the room and remote online bidding, so I am very excited about that. Once I select the names for the Live auction, there will be a link from the page and the page to get to the live auction. Qualified names not chosen for the live auction and any unsold names from the live auction will be available for bidding on GoDaddy Auctions for the extended auction which will end on February 14th, 2020.

    There will be new domains loaded weekly into pre-bidding up until the live event as I select them. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email at Looking forward to another great and exciting NamesCon Conference and Live and Extended Auction this year!!

  3. I did all my best. Used different browsers, different laptops. Different internet providers. All things I did. I did all… But still GoDaddy Domain Manager NOT opening. I cant update my domains, I cant do anything. I cant see my domains. It is nightmare.

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